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Zeebox For PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

by boris

Social networking has engulfed the audiences in such a way that they wish to carry the applications with them all the time. This has also become possible with the smart phone’s advent in social life. It is not that only smart phone owners have the ability to enjoy such applications, presently these apps that are also made available for people who wish to access them on their PC’s.


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Zeebox is a social network and has been famous among its users since years. It is basically a social network for people who are interested in television shows, celebrities and other programs. Here you can follow your favorite celebrities, know facts about them and can even connect to them to get regular updates fo their whereabouts. There are a lot of other things that you can actually do here.

Features of Zeebox


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Once you have this application on your pc, you will come to know about its features and specifications. Here are few key features of zeebox:

  • Zeebox is very fast, faster than that used on website. It gets installed on pc very quick and works superfluous with the OS environment. You can easily open the images in a fraction of seconds, and can swipe the tabs also at a fast rate. Interface of the application is quite clean and well transformed.
  • There are a number of TV rooms, where various users can be found entertaining themselves. The most important feature of the application is that these rooms become active when any particular show is being watched, alongwith making all the comments and photos.
  • Sharing photos and linking web sites are very easy and the television guide is provided to properly lineup the channels.

About Controls and Interface

Zeebox is same as other social networking sites. So, you can handle it same way as you do with other social networking sites. Some of the activities that you can do here are:


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  • Follow the shows their stars and getting latest updates and personalized stories.
  • Setting up reminders so that you don’t miss your favorite shows.
  • Interacting online with shows by taking part in various polls, quizzes and games.
  • Following other fans and chatting with them along with sharing various posts and updates.

If you do not much use other social networking sites, then hold a bit; go through the guide that will be provided while setting up the application on your pc. Slowly as you get involved you get to know things and ultimately you will become an expert.

How to Download Zeebox for PC?

As zeebox is an application for android devices, so if you wish to get Zeebox for PC, you have to do some of the simple steps as followed.

  • Download and install bluestacks using the offline bluestacks installer.
  • Now search for the application zeebox and click on it to download and install it on your pc
  • On installing it a setting guide will pop up on the screen, read it and accept it to start using zeebox on your pc.

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