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WWE Immortals for PC

by boris

World Wrestling Entertainment has always remained a sport of entertainment and thrill. Various videos and wrestling games display the replicas of the real wrestling celebrities in the ring with the signature moves. Now android brings to you WWE Immortals, a wrestling game matched exclusively with mythical and fictional events. The game is developed by the developer NetherRealm Studios, the master mind behind the games like Mortal Kombat and thus at certain times you can actually feel the similarity with such games.


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The game WWE Immortals will take you to a time of Sega Genesis, where you can notice the top stars of the wrestling industry taking part in the WWF Wrestlemania. A number of animated fantastic wrestlers such as The White Witch, The Rock with blue eyes and many more will make you feel as if you are on some other part of the world.

Now talking about the game play, for each match you have to select three players with whom you have to play against a team of opponents. Each time when your player wins the match, you earn WWE coins that you can spend in buying new players or even in upgrading the existing ones. Each player is there with limited stamina and hence once you start playing with three players, you can buy more players later on. As the stamina is over, the game gets over and each time application will send you a notification when the stamina bar is full again. The app store of the game allows you to buy coins and also stamina cards using the real currency. If you don’t want to spend those extra dollars from your pocket, then you can wait for some time till the stamina is full. Again, choosing the team of three players is not the only thing that you have to do. To fight successfully with the opponent team players you have to choose either three good guys or three equally bad guys.

When a fight is going on, you can also switch between your characters anytime as a part of your strategy, similar to a match of tag-team. To play the game, there are a number of controls such as attack, power attacks, adrenaline bar, special moves and many others. Each player has their own special moves that you need to make use of in the fight each time. These moves are very much similar to the famous moves in the real life wrestling world. Thus, the game is altogether a camp full of fun and thrill for you.


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Get the game of WWE Immortals on your personal computer, with the help of an emulator Bluestacks. Firstly download Bluestack. Then, Search your game with the name of WWE Immortals for PC in the search tool of Bluestacks. On selecting the game from the result list, you will also get an option of install, clicking on which the game will start installing directly on your PC. After the game is installed on your system, you can check the game in the ‘My Applications’ of Bluestacks from where you can start it for playing.

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