WindowBlinds has various feature with new interface and better support with Windows 8 and improved SkinStudio which is a theme designer for allowing the user to create their customizations. The application is very useful for creating own windows in context to their style, texture, background and colour. The styles are present schemes for new look of windows and every style has their own substyle for modification of graphics and tailoring windows in line with the current version. The application also allows to change or add the texture of windows with great visual twists and completing the colour hues. The preset styles are displayed in left panel and selected substyles and details are shown in right pane. The application comes with fewer tabs and settings with simple menu and easy user interface. The layout is very refreshing and pleasant for users. Furthermore, the application has an increasing library of downloadable themes and unique features. The main task of application is to make Windows look fancy and pretty than the original windows. The application has gained appreciation for great control and appearance. WindowBlinds acts as a fresh coat of paint to make the new look of system.


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The application is a utility program and allows users to change the look and feel of Windows completely. It complete user interface i.e. push buttons, explorer views, progress animation, borders, taskbar, title bars, start menu can be changed within the operating system. The complete control of operating system can be gained. The application provides various looks and options for users to choose window skins.


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The application is compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1 versions and intuitive to figure out by casual users. It consumes very less space in RAM and CPU. The skins can be applied easily to the windows, desktop and programs with customized colour, texture and backgrounds. The user can also design the theme by using third party application i.e. SkinStudio with numerous free features.


The application has failed to skin the Start button in Windows 8.1 version and crashes of application is also very frequent while attempting the new skins application. It also fails to show display buttons in specific themes and application of themes takes extra time. The program does not restores the theme settings in accurate manner in all version of Windows. The settings are intuitive but documentation is required for information of advanced options.

Bottom Line

WindowBlinds provides a rich desktop, programs customization and windows to the users and it has numerous preset schemes and complete design control. The application has complete dedication towards the customization of windows such as fences, tiles, iconpackager and start8, etc.

Publisher’s Description

WindowBlinds is a very useful application for customizing the desktop interface with new and improved skins. The skinnable elements are window frames, control buttons, start panel, etc. The personalization features for windows themes and skins can be downloaded and create own skins. The new interface makes easy customization and large previews for displaying the adjustments before application. The application is also easy for inexperienced user to create great skin quickly and enjoy various aspects ode signing the interface of windows.

Change Log

The updated version of application has latest updates with the chrome browser.