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VMware Player – Free Download

by boris

VMware Player is a desktop virtualization application which runs on multiple operating systems on the same computer. The application does not require rebooting process while switching the systems. It has a very simple interface and has unmatched support of several operating systems with portability. VMware Player also provides a streamlined interface to create, run and evaluate different applications and operating systems in the virtual machines. The extreme intuitive interface of application allows users to deliver virtual desktop for the better convenience of users. The user-friendly interface can be used even by naïve users and at the same time, HTML help files and PDFs are also provided in a clarified manner to guide users for using the application. The application is free for users and can be used for serving the virtual machine purposes.


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VMware Player offers better speed, performance and integration for running the different operating system. The software is free for users and can be used for multiple purposes. The main features of software is the multiple clones and snapshots, easy sharing, end point security. The whole directory of operating system is copied to virtual machines and allows the machine to be stored in the system. The support for both the operating system is great while using the application. The virtual machine created by software is quite handy and can be used in easy and accessible manner. It does not require any type of virtualization enables processors and directly predate the virtualization within the system. The direct execution of virtual machine in system saves lot of time with good amount of productivity.

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  • Testing new operating system is very easy with the application and has no risks of losing the previous operating system
  • Easy installation and running processes
  • Shares data easily with the host system and user can even drag and drop files from host system
  • Creation of virtual machine in an easy manner.


  • Requires high resources on system to run multiple operating systems on single computer.

Publishers Description

VMware Player is a handy application and real software to ensure better protection of system. The virtual machines is a nice way to start as it provides access to multiple screens on single computer in a safe environment. The software works great and provide good protection to the computers from wide range of malicious programs. The VMware Player allows to use virtual machines and also enables the user to browse web, access USB connected to computer and share folders from host computer. The software requires heavy system to suit the needs of two operating systems to be run at the same time. It serves the purpose for personal and official use within the same application.

Change log

The recent version of VMware Player fixed the minor bugs and also, fixed the issues of Linux compatibility. The application can run on multiple operating systems such as Windows 8.1 and 10, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Linux and Windows server version. VMware Player has also resolved the interface issues on Windows host.

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