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Viber For PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)

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After the success of various chatting networks, there are now a number of chatting applications that came into the picture with their unique features and varied functions. There are a number of chatting applications that have helped people to stay connected to their friends and family. A few of these chatting applications are WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Hike and many more. As android operating system and smart phone devices have influenced the people a lot, these chatting applications are been developed for android smart phone devices and they are freely available for download from the Google Play Store. But still there are people who wish to use these applications on their pc. So, there are also ways that can make it possible for the users to run the application of Viber on pc.


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Features of Viber


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Along with the feature of chatting, there are a number of varied features that can be listed for the chatting application Viber.

  • The users can chat with their friends and family at any time they want. The notification of the messages comes just like a sms notification. Thus you can see the message instantly whenever it has been sent.
  • Along with text messages there are many things that you can send to your chat friend. You can send clicked or downloaded images, links and also a number of stickers. Stickers are now a great way to express a wide range of emotions. There are a huge number of stickers available (both free and paid) that you can send while chatting.
  • You can chat with a person individually and can also chat in a group with many people at the same time.
  • You can even makes calls from the application of Viber both to people who are using Viber and also to those people who are not using Viber.
  • And yes, of course, you can upload and change your profile image and your chat background from time to time.

How to Download Viber For PC?

To install Viber on your pc you must have an emulator such as bluestacks on your pc.

  • To install bluestacks on your PC, firstly download bluestacks using bluestacks offline download.
  • As you have installed and set bluestacks on your pc, now you have to search for the application ‘Viber’ in it. On getting the icon for Viber, just click on the icon, and the application will directly install on your pc.


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This was all that you will be required to get viber for PC. Now enjoy using this spectacular application on your PC!

How to Use Viber For PC

In order to get started with Viber, you have to register with the application using your contact number. Now, add a profile picture and your application is ready to be used. In smart phone devices, the application can sync automatically to add up contacts that are on Viber. But when you are using the application on pc, then either you needs to add up the contacts manually, or have to connect your phone with the pc, to transfer and sync the contacts to the application.

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