Missed out on the last running show of the movie that you were eagerly waiting for? Feel like watching an old flick over and over again? Or want to unwind while watching your preferred sitcom? uTorrent is the perfect solution to have all the downloads on your personal computer! Designed especially for keeping the clamour for downloads of movies, sitcoms, songs and you name it, uTorrent has it!

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Designed With Extreme Simplicity!

The user interface of uTorrent is extremely identical to the one that is hosted by BitTorrent. So, if you are a regular torrent user you may be surprised. The original BitTorrent client faced a makeover to resemble the look and feel of the uTorrent application. In 2006, after BitTorrent acquired the uTorrent application the look was changed. Despite the makeover, the client application uTorrent doesn’t really give other applications such as Vuze a run for their money. To enhance the look, the developers made it possible to download and apply different skins for the uTorrent toolbars.

Interface-The User’s Mantle

On launching the application, you are greeted with the screen divided in 2 sections. The primary section has the search bar that can be used to browse the web. You can use the window to look up at the statuses of various files whether their download is completed or not.

Downloading Stuff- The Main Thing

The file download mannerism of uTorrent is what makes it unique. The backend is programmed in such a manner that it downloads the entire file in different segments and then collates it as on. It arranges them sequentially once the download is complete, thereby having the original file in its proper manner. The different protocols that are available for getting downloads done lag to a massive extent when put against uTorrent.

To start any download, you need to download the torrent file by scurrying and browsing the net. Make sure you choose the legal downloads only. After saving the torrent file, you can either drag and drop it in the main area of the application or you can choose to double click the torrent file and your download will start automatically.

uTorrent allows you to start, stop or pause the download of the respective file. You can also choose to increase the download speed of single file by making use of the ‘Force Download’ option.

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uTorrent also hands you the functionality of tagging files depending on your preference. This helps you to access files quickly simply by checking up the label you have added them in.

Some Extra Offerings By Utorrent!

uTorrent also has an Application Studio. As the name suggests it houses various applications at the push of a click. 13 icons/applications put you to work with much ease and heightened convenience. You can download games, tweet, update posts and do various other things using the offerings of the App Studio.

Final Word-uTorrent Is Simply Fantastic!

uTorrent definitely includes tons of many other features as well. If sole download of files is what the end objective is, then uTorrent is quite easily your the best bet!