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Download Trillian – Free (Windows)

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Trillian is an extraordinary Instant Messenger application and a standout amongst the most mainstream and best appraised applications of same field. It is a standalone Instant Messenger program however in the meantime, it works extremely well with the other IM applications, for example, XMPP, AIM, Skype, Facebook, ICQ, Twitter and many more. Trillian permits you to make chat with friends on devices and desktops with no damage to security. It has extremely straightforward security arrangements to keep safety of clients. It is accessible in different packages and you should be at least 13 years in age to get to the system of Trillian.


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The application accompanies different setup choices with setup installation and uproots old files at greater degree of performance. You need to sign in or make new account at Trillian by entering your name and password in the wake of setting up associated choice, the suitable system should be chosen and signed in. The program asks the access of information and feeds as same as other social services. The email records can likewise be trailed by Trillian program, the system is exceptionally prevalent in light of the fact that it deals with the social networking applications and lessening the annoying issues. Trillian assists with taking consideration of numerous chatting applications and accounts without falling behind the discussions and neglecting to check the websites, support and conversation strings.

Highlighting the features of the program

Trillian is a totally standalone and featured application which underpins different messaging program and social network apps. It has assortment of capacities with numerous chat clients and highlight great components of them, for example, group conversation, audio conversation, conversation rooms, exchange of files, buddy icons, direct connectivity and importing information from server side, proxy support, and encryption of messages, notification, security setting and support for SMS. Trillian additionally has extraordinary arrangement of components and functionalities, for example, editing contacts, intense featured skins, permits instant lookups, Notification related to associated contacts, message history, multiple messaging, different types emoticons, systray prompts, sounds, file exchanges.


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Distributer’s Description

Trillian is a magnificent application to deal with various IM application and social platforms. What’s more, the wide support for different messaging platform alternatives including Facebook, MySpace, Jabber, Bonjour, Yahoo, Windows Live, Email, Google Talk, IRC, Skype, Twitter and ICQ improves the convenience of utilization in a well way. Overseeing and incorporating different informal organizations gives broad capacities unique system to its users and supports with proper instruction of use to make better conversation in the program. This application permits you to oversee and update any of the accounts and platforms you are accessing comprehensively in it.

Change Log

If you have already are a user of this program then you would be experiencing some sorts of changing in its latest variant. The recent variant of the program has altered POP3 network, Google availability and Facebook network. The crashing issues with Facebook have additionally been altered. The issues with longer passwords of ICQ have been settled. Additionally, the OpenFire network issues with XMPP have been altered. Some minor network and bug fixes are additionally done.

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