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The Room Two for PC – Free Download!

by boris

If you have played the game ‘The Room’, then here is another game, so called the second part of The Room that you can try out now. Don’t be mistaken by thinking that the second part The Room Two will be something similar to the previous game. The developer of the game Fireproof Games has developed the second game with a number of differences from the original game. Rather you can say that the developer of the game has improved upon the original game to get you the new game The Room Two. You will get to see improvement and upgrades in each and every element of the game and obviously this will lead you to a better experience.


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The first difference that you would notice is in the rooms. The rooms of the original game were small and dingy with small puzzle boxes that you had to solve within. But in case of the game The Room Two you will notice that the rooms are much bigger in size and each stage will have its own different personality. Also different rooms will have a different theme such that of an old ship interior or many others where you can have puzzles on pattern recognition or switches. At times you can also move different pieces and complete a vessel to unlock a treasure. In the later stages, you may have to tackle the puzzles of more than two rooms together within a given time. This can be a tough situation but to provide you help there is Hint system that unlocks various tiers and clears certain confusions.

With so many puzzles to solve, there can be situation when you will get confused during the higher stages, where you will have to solve more than two puzzles together. In this case you can get help from an option similar to a note. This can help you in taking some important decisions while you are moving forward. There are many other things for your use such as a special lens that you can use for noticing certain spooky moments.


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The sound effects and the visuals are again the features that have been improved to a great extent. When you touch an object to move it, you will get the feeling that you are shifting a real object from one place to another. Again various sounds such as the ticking sound of the watch or some other sounds are such that will give you a real effect. With increasing levels of course the puzzles will get tougher but the best thing is that each time you solve puzzle you get rewarded.

You can play the game The Room with its amazing visuals, sound and puzzles on your PC also now. All what you have to do is to install the emulator Bluestacks on your PC so that you can install android applications on your PC. Now you can search for The Room Two for PC and then can install it directly on your PC from the given link above.

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