TeamViewer is a simple to utilize program for remote access, desktop sharing, and document exchange that works with shield of firewall and NAT proxy. All you want to do is access TeamViewer on both computer system and get and apply the automatically generated ID codes from opposite machines; this can be made possible using an email or phone. Once the ID code and secret code are entered, you can join with the remote PC and can work with the connected user sitting remotely. In expansion to remote control, TeamViewer offers a presentation mode, which permits you to telecast your desktop to the remote PC. Exchange files, session recording, VNC compatibility and other support for VPN connections. TeamViewer likewise gives a free iPhone/Android application that you can use to play at your own or different PCs remotely from your phone. It is free for non-business utilization.

There are numerous applications, which permit remote access for different system; yet, TeamViewer is a great available program, also more powerful and intense. Whether dealing with an IT office work or simply helping your neighbor without going to his/her home to see the PC. It is an application, which is worth introducing on your PC.


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Features of TeamViewer

Remote Access and control:

Different parties can install this product, after that get associated with a session. Access and Control of PC will then be made from individual to individual, rather than being a one way access.

Group sessions:

The program suggests all from its name, it makes you are ready to incorporate different parties in a parallel connections. This is amazing when you’re dealing with different group of representatives without arranging venue and sending invitation for meeting. Instead, everything has become easy through systems and you can arrange conference online anytime and anywhere. The multiple number of connections can be made, simply by organizing and seeing where you are looking for.

Exchange of Files:

An incredible component of TeamViewer is the capacity to move and drop documents from one PC then onto the next. This way, you are going to help your friend when he/she might be facing issue with a specific document. In this scenario you can come into action without wasting any time. No uploading or messaging would be required, all you need to do is have the document and simply duplicate it in your friend’s machine.


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Issues with TeamViewer:

TeamViewer suspects if its utilization is being made in commercial fields. This is done through a monitoring software, which asks for purchasing a license. This brings up specific issues about the security of your activities, even if you are utilizing the product authentically.

TeamViewer is an answer for all the issue related with remote control, desktop sharing, and document exchange with powerful security. Communicate with another PC by simply running TeamViewer on both machines and have an amazing experience. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well. For individual users, TeamViewer is free to use. It is not much bulky as it comes in few MBs.