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Talking Tom Cat App for PC – Window 7/8/XP/Mac – Free Download

by boris

Talking Tom Cat is certainly one of the interesting applications designed for android gadgets. It is perhaps the first application designed for touchscreen devices that evoked widespread response. The very fact of first-hand visual response from the cat over the screen of the device is scintillating and playful.

The funny application listens and records the sound, that played around it, then repeats the same in a funny tone. The application receives the audio through a microphone, and the character, cat, replicates the exact sound afterwards.

Not only replication of sound, but the cat also responds funnily on several occasions, like touching over body, tail etc. It even screams when anyone grabs its tail from over the screen of the smartphone. Users can also enjoy feeding it milk. Users can even make it fart. The cat also throws cake on the smartphone and start eating it entirely.

Tom Cat for PC

Talking-Tom-Cat for PC-myappsforpc

Software application upgradation and use of latest BlueStacks application has made it possible to enjoy this funny android application in modern personal computing devices. While working with Tom Cat application on Windows PC, users can simply utilize the mouse to recreate touch sequences of a smartphone. On the smartphones, a user can directly touch the display with their fingers to evoke a response from Tom cat and while on the computers, a user has to utilize the mouse to evoke similar responses from Tom cat. However, this application cannot be used in Mac devices.

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Attractive and special features of talking Tom Cat for PC

There are innumerable funny features of this Tom Cat application, apart from the highly recognized sound mimicking nature. These can be mentioned as follows –

  • Pat the visual of the cat on the screen; it would make purr noises like a living cat.
  • Annoy it by poking its feet, head or belly and see the response.
  • Grab the tail and make it angry.
  • Pour milk in a glass and the cat would drink it.
  • Make it scratch the screen of the device.

How to Install Talking Tom Cat on your PC – Window 7/8/XP/Mac

It is easy to install the application in personal computers. Just follow the similar procedure of installing android based games for any Windows-based computer appliance.

You can either download and install it through BlueStacks application; or may even download it separately and then use BlueStacks to run it on your computer.


Step 1: Browse through the internet and download BlueStacks Emulator application for Windows based devices. After installing it, restart the device.

Step 2: After restarting the device, open BlueStacks application and search the icon of Tom Cat application. The icon would appear in case you have downloaded the application previously. Click on the icon and start installing.

Step 3: If you have not downloaded Tom Cat application, then check out a downloadable link after surfing the internet through BlueStacks application. Start downloading instantly.

Step 4: After successful download, the application would install automatically and your system would restart.

Now the Tom Cat application for personal computer is set successfully. Just roll the mouse pointer over it to enjoy a thrilling period.

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