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Subway Surfers for PC – Free Download – Window8/7/Xp

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Enjoy the Exciting Game of Subway Surfers for PC

The game, subway surfers for pc has radically beaten temple run in a short time. This game offer enormous excitement when played on the bigger screen of desktop. Actually built for operation on an android platform, subway surfers can also be enjoyed on Windows operated personal computers after successful installation of Bluestacks Android Emulator.

Recently, a downloadable version of subway surfer is available on the internet that can be utilized on Windows based PC through a special android supportive application.

 Subway surfers for pc

Subway Surfer – Highly Addictive

The exciting android based game allows the gamer to run over a railway track in order to escape from a police officer. While on the run, the gamer has to collect coins, magic boxes and power ups in order to gain the maximum number of points meanwhile completing the different levels of the game. The coins help to unlock additional features.

The latest version of subway surfer also has a ‘save me (by using keys either collected or bought by the player)’ this option allows you to resume the game at the same point, in case you crash against any train.

How to Install Subway surfers on your Computer

Check out few simple steps to enjoy the game on your big-screened PC; rather, than the comparatively smaller tablet screen.

Step 1 – Download full version of Subway Surfers for PC that runs on a supportive Bluestacks application. The latest application helps to run Android supportive files on various Windows devices. Extract all files from the zipped folder.

Step 2 – Download the application ‘Bluestacks Android Emulator’ from the internet and run it on any personal computer running on Windows operating system. Read through the installation procedure before running the application.

Step 3 – Wait for the system to restart automatically. When the application is installed properly, it will automatically start immediately after initial reboot.

Step 4 – Check for the .APK file of Subway Surfers through the Bluestacks application.

In case you have not installed the game, then you can use the Bluestacks Emulator application and download the .APK file of Subway Surfers from the internet.

Step 5 – After downloading the necessary file, double click on the icon of Subway Surfers and initiate the installation procedure.

The game would start automatically for the first time after the installation process is successful.

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Problem with Blustacks application

Several gamers have complained of various problems while playing android based games on a Windows platform through Bluestacks. However, there are a number of favorable alternatives that help to enjoy unrestrained android gaming experience over Windows powered devices.

Favorable alternative for subway surfers for PC

In order to enjoy exclusive experience of latest android game, Subway Surfer on personal computers running on Windows operating system, check out the setup file of the game that is compatible to PCs.

The latest setup file of the game for personal computers is merely 23 MB and takes nominal time for installation. The set up file also makes the game extremely compatible to Desktops or even laptops running on Windows XP, Vista or even 7.

Check out for the latest subway surfers for pc set up file over the internet and run the application. Follow the instructions and get ready for an exciting chase through the virtual railway tracks.

You can get the set up file in the following link here

(Check through Google translator for understanding the webpage content)

Subway Surfers for PC – Free Download – Window8/7/Xp Télécharger Enjoy the Exciting Game of Subway Surfers for PC The game, subway surfers for pc has radically beaten temple run in a short time. This game offer enormous excitement…
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