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SpywareBlaster – Free Download

by boris

You might be known of the terms like Spyware, adware, dialers or browser hijackers, and also would be looking for something that can keep your PC away from these threats. Well, here is a solution for you, SpywareBlaser is packed with utilities that can collectively restrict all these threat and similar other possible suspicious programs to connect in your PC. The program is a freeware for non-commercial user.


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Features of SpywareBlaster:

The program offers you a shield that prevents your system form spyware, which may connect to your PC through ActiveX based programs. The ActiveX program is generally integrated in your Windows Operating system and helps in making connection with the web network while making downloading any file. Other than spywares, your PC will also be unaffected with the browser hijackers and dialers, and other potential unknown unauthorized programs. SpywareBlaster will help not only in blocking the spywares but also it permits you to block the tracking of cookies and history of the web browser being utilized. The program also offers security support to the world’s most commonly used browsers – “Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox”. Also SpywareBlaster will help you to restrict the actions that are automatically raised by sites and their adware in your internet web browser actively.


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SpywareBlaster helps your system to be well protected from internet and the unwanted security threats came from it. It performs better in securing you PC from spywares and other unknown dangerous programs. It likewise does not interfere with the fair side of web surfing, being made by you on PC. And the best thing you will observe in this program is the background process, you do not have the keep running the program in the background of your PC, but it will automatically keep tracking your system and the browser as well.

Spyware is non-commercially a freeware, which means if you are an individual user and using the program for personal use then the program will serve your for free. And unlikely if you are using it for business communications, it will prompt you to make a license purchase of the program.

Active GUI:

The program entertains a clean setup process of tracking the internet and threatening websites. The user interface is smooth and pretty easy to utilize for beginners too, you will be find selected information and options in the navigation panel of SpywareBlaster. This way, the program offers quite clear and hassle free navigation with its interface, and there won’t be seen much difficulty with the program despite of the fact that it does not contain any help menu in the program. You may call it a lag from program or over confidence but it is truly a simple to use program.

Change Log made with the latest variant of SpywareBlaster:

The user who already are engaged with this program will observe some changes in the updated version of the SpywareBlaster including enhanced support for Google Chrome browser, support for Windows 10 desktop, and similar other advancements and bug fixes have been introduced in the program.

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