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SoundHound for PC – Windows (7/8/Xp) and Mac – Free Download

by boris

Sometimes while sitting in your cubicle with not much work to do, I usually start to hum an old song and try to remember the complete lyrics of the song. I guess most of us face those situations. Ain’t you?

Well, now what we have to do is just humming that song again before our PC and it’ll tell the song, download the lyrics and all rest of the things which are related to the song.

Yeah, I am talking about the app SoundHound which I think you’re using for your android or iOS based smartphone. Well, now that is available for your PC too irrespective of the platform like windows 7, windows 8, Vista, XP or even Mac.


The PC or computer download for the SoundHound app has been made available because of the increasing trend of using smartphone apps on PC and here below are some features and online download methods for this app.

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Features of SoundHound for PC

The SoundHound app is itself very amazing as it recognizes songs from a simple hum only and plays that song for us with all the details in a few seconds only. Here below are some more of them.

  • It can not only recognize songs, but, melodies, ads and many more.
  • It can sense any music from one and half feet away distance and start playing it.
  • It can get you the real time update from your favorite artist from their social accounts.
  • The app has a very smooth user interface for both smartphones and PCs, which ensures the easy navigation and function of the app.

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How to Download and Install SoundHound on your Computer

The downloading procedure is damn too simple for this app just like the working. The below steps will guide you in the process.

  • First of all you need to download a different platform then your OS, like Bluestacks or IntelAppUp.

*The need of downloading other platform is because the app is basically for smartphones with OS like android and iOS.

  • Once you’ve downloaded and installed the emulator (the other platform), then that will act as the app store for you. Now, here you can find the SoundHound app in the store.
  • After finding the app, just download and install it like you were supposed to do in your smartphone.
  • If everything goes right then after completing the process, you’ll see the SoundHound icon on your emulator screen.
  • If you see the icon, then what you’re waiting for, just click and start using the app.

The Alternative – Apps Like SoundHound

This however requires downloading the emulator but, if you don’t find the app on the emulator store, then you can download an .Apk file which will do the same for you.

But, the malware and bugs are a common part of these Apk file so just be aware while downloading the file.

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Wrap Up

The music is surely one of the best ways for getting your entertain or relax and for some of the guys it’s like oxygen I guess. The SoundHound app is a very innovative attempt by the developer for quenching the thirst of music.

The PC version of the app will surely lure the many customers as it will allow more users to listen songs of their choice.

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