Apple initially propelled a very buggy and insecure version of Safari for Windows, which resulted in quite a low response from the users. However, things soon changed, and a considerable measure of changes came forward in further version of Safari browser. It made amazing progress with its features, such as news Reader, used for reading blogs and content in simpler way, also the time taken in the page load was reduced due to the incomprehensible enhancement made with HTML5 support. It now offers vast support for video streaming and download speed as well.


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The main features of safari include multiple tabs, web inspector, speech, quick notes, etc. and the most important is its view in iTunes style, as designer of Safari browser is Apple Inc. If you are a web designer, writing those lines of CSS manually, then the browser have web inspector for you. Although this is a bit similar to that of Chrome and Mozilla, but as you already know, there is always something special packed inside ‘Apple’; same is the case here.

The share of web users throttled by this browser is quite less, as most prevalently it is used on Mac OS or iOS; which have a lower number of users as compared to Android and Windows.

An Apple Touch Can Be Viewed In Safari Browser:

Safari is the first web browser which integrated the navigation grid on its home page. Such a grid enlists top sites sorted according to the frequency of visit; Safari automatically takes the preferences and suggests them under the grid.

Safari keeps history in a very systematic way, such that if you need to revise anything important from past days then you just have to make a ‘History Search’, and it will evaluate your need. You can simply type a single word and Safari will uncover each and every page it has reserved matching that word.

Several additions have been made in the browser after being released. For example, the reader that permits you to render the big part of web content on one whole page, despite the fact that the fonts and css styles cannot be changed by browser. There is likewise a mixed bag of search engines offered by Safari, which can be used to explore things independently.

Other convenient elements of Safari browser incorporate multiple tab access, which makes it a little simpler to surf internet. You can even move and customize the tabs into another Safari window, by simple ‘drag and drop’ process.

Stable And Easy To Use

Safari has wiped out major number of bugs from its program that initially made it unbalanced and is presently an outstanding and easy to use program. The support of modern HTML5 has enhanced the significance of the Safari browser, you can now videos in full screen mode, also it has added Geotagging feature where you can share you location as well.


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Exploring internet with Safari has become simpler because of a more effective URL bar, which is really predictable with the keywords you are about to type, it proactively offers you suggestions matching with the keywords you are typing. This ultimately saves your time and effort of exploring different web pages within a web browser.