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Rounds Video Chat for PC

by boris

There was a time when staying distances away raised the problems of staying connected with friends and family. Later, the advent of cheap calling facilities allowed individuals to stay connected regularly with their family members even from abroad. But often just a call is not enough when you are far away from your family for several days and months. So, the next possible idea of staying connected is the facility of video calling. Though at present there are a number of applications and sites that allows you to conduct video calling, but one application that has been claimed to be the best app till date is the Rounds Video Chat.


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With the application Rounds Video Chat you can have free video conferencing with your family and friends with a high definition quality. If run an internet connection of 3G, 4G or with the Wi-Fi, you can seamlessly talk to your beloved ones the way you talk to that person face to face in reality. But again obviously every time you will be not conversing over the video calling feature, so there are also features of audio calling and text messaging here. Along with the text you can send some files such as images and videos.

Along with keeping you connected with your friends and family, the application Rounds Video Chat also fulfils your basic need of entertainment. You can watch thousands of high definition quality videos of any topic and of any language on YouTube with the help of the application. Also if you are bored of watching videos, then you can play some of your favorite android games, one of the most famous being ‘candy crush’ and many others.

The inbuilt camera feature also allows you to click images. You can also edit images and videos with the funky effects of the webcam and then share it with your friends through a number of social networking apps. Additionally, you can also use the application Rounds Video Chat on your personal computer. Downloading and installing the application on a PC is quite easy if you have the emulator Bluestacks installed on your device. Firstly, you can get it from this direct download link. With the help of the search option of the emulator Bluestacks, search for the application Rounds Video Chat for PC. Now install the application on your system and start it from ‘My applications’ section of Bluestacks. The application needs a 3G or a 4G or a Wi-Fi connected to start and operate.


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Also starting with the application is quite simple and very easy. After the application has got installed in the system, you can start the application by logging on with your Facebook account. The application will sync with your Facebook profile and will connect with friends who are already using the application Rounds Video Chat. Thus, you can easily share your images and videos over social networking sites and applications such as Facebook. You can also send invites to your friends to join the application Rounds Video Chat from the application WhatsApp.

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