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RocketDock – Free Download for Windows

by boris

RocketDock is an excellent dock and works where most of the other docks fails to perform the tasks. It is a program and launcher for easy and smooth installation of icon transitions. The application has numerous features and options to launch the program. It is compatible with Windows 2000, Vista, XP versions. The dock can remain live on any edge of computer and it can also get auto hide or always available according to the requirement of user. The application has more than 20 skins, colours and fonts and can be customized easily such as order of icons, display, independent icons, etc. It allows the users to download variety of widgets, icons, skins for enhancement and customization of user experience. The application comes with clear and structured interface with completely customizable interface to add and remove from the dock. The taskbar support is also added to application for minimization of windows which appears as icons on dock. It has enable more accessibility and productivity.


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  • Windows can be minimized to the dock
  • Real time preview in Vista version of Windows
  • Indicators for running application
  • Supports multiple monitors
  • Drag and drop features of application
  • It also supports alpha blended icons
  • Smooth transition of icons
  • Popup and auto hide options are available with mouse hover
  • Various options for positioning and layering
  • Portable and customizable application
  • Highly compatible with support of ObjectDock, MobyDock and other Dock skins
  • Even slow computers can use this application
  • Compliant with Unicode
  • Extensive localization and language support
  • User friendly base environment
  • Free application


The minimization of windows in dock is very useful and also, running application indicators shows the progress of application. The application is very easy to install and easy to use. The application uses very less system resources and therefore, enhances performance improvement. The extended support of alpha blended ICO ad PNG icons is also very useful. The setup process is very simple and at the same time, it also runs of various formats and versions for increased compatibility.


The main problem with application is that the user need to add and configure all extra options in the main setting menu of program. However, these items can be accessed from the secondary settings menu by right clicking on the dock but cannot get configured in secondary settings. It is very frustrating to go back to the main settings program for adding and configuring the extras within the application.


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Publisher’s Description

RocketDock is a moth application launcher which is compatible with animated and alpha blended icons. It has clean and structured user interface with drag and drop features and various shortcuts for better user access and organization. The added support of Taskbar enables the minimization of windows and can appear as icons on dock. The improved accessibility and usability of application has added to the popularity of application in significant manner.

Change Log

The updated version of application has fixed minor bug fixes and also fixed INI bug breaking skin for allowing better theme compatibility.

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