Playing pool can be a difficult game for many. Chasing 8 balls on a table with a stick, is not an easy task, especially with the concept of targeting it at the holes. Thus, a virtual game has been there now for the gamers who are now able to play on real table. The game Pool Billiards Pro for PC is a unique game that allows the gamers to play the game of Pool on their Windows based PC. Though the game Pool Billiards Pro is developed for smartphone devices operating on Android but there are also a few simple steps that can help the gamer to install the game on their PC.


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The Features – Pool Billiards Pro

There are a number of features that makes this game even more entertaining and exciting.

  • The game is played with a 3D affect that makes the game look like a realistic play.
  • The features and game play of the game is same as the real game of Pool. It has 3 modes such as single player, compute vs. player and the third mode is of having challenges of more than 180 numbers. The modes respectively are Single mode, VS mode and Arcade mode.

GamePlay of Pool Billiards Pro

There are mainly three modes of the game. The first one and the second one is time bound game where you have to take care of the running time. The third mode does not have any time limit and you can take your full time.

In the first mode that is the Single Player Mode, you have the objective of pocketing all the balls of the table in a given point of time. In case of the VS mode that is playing against the computer, you will be providing with an opponent that is your computer. Here you have to pocket all your balls before your opponent does in a given time.


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The third mode is the Arcade mode and it is not a time bound game. Here you do not have any time limit. Here also you have to pocket the balls but here there will be certain cues that will be provided to you in the form of challenges.

How to Download Pool Billiards Pro for PC?

To enjoy this game and to get Pool Billiards Pro for PC, there are some simple steps that can be followed.


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  • In order to get the game installed on your PC, you have to first install an emulator such as BlueStacks on your PC.
  • Now type the name of the game in the search bar located in the right corner. As you get the game with its icon, simply click on it. The game gets installed on your PC.
  • To start the game, visit the “My Applications” section of bluestacks and click on the icon of the game Pool Billiards Pro.

That’s it! Start playing the start scoring high 🙂