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Play Angry Birds Go on your Mac with BlueStacks emulator !

by boris

After the craze of Angry Birds, get ready to witness the very next game of the series Angry Birds Go. The previous game Angry Birds has entertained almost all the game lovers with its karting techniques and bird vs. pig theme. Now there comes another game from the series to entertain you again but this time in a different way.


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This time the angry birds are racing down the hill on their karts. With impressive and attractive graphics as background you will get five different racing types with a number of different karts that can be upgraded later in the game. A simple tutorial of the game will help you to known about the game play before you start the actual race. With perfect control and steering, you get the best feeling of a polished kart racing game.

While racing, it may happen that your bird has got tired. So, you can replace the bird with a new one. In case if you do not wish to replace your charcter, then you have another option of recharging the energy back but for this you have spend some crystals. But don’t worry; you can easily earn many such crystals by racing hard. Though there is only one track for racing, but each time with different race modes, the track layout changes and this gives you a new challenge. Also to match up with the changing track layout, you can upgrade your kart for which you have to shed some coins that you have earned while racing. If you are left out with no coins to spend then you can buy some more coins through your earned crystals.

If you have played games like Temple Run and Subway Surfer then this game is also very simple for you that you can play very easily. Help your birdie to race on the track with her kart, getting protected from different upcoming hurdles and collect coins that are there on the track.

Angry Birds Go is mainly designed for micro transactions, so there can be an annoyance that a kart when used and updated on a track will not be functional on some on the same track in the next racing type. But in place of paying for the karts each time, if you can play well and collect good amount of coins, then the game becomes much easier and entertaining for you.


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Do you want to play this android game Angry Birds Go on Mac? Now you can easily do this with the help of android emulators that can help you in installing android applications on your Mac device easily.

  • Install the emulator Bluestacks on your Mac device and now search for the game Angry Birds Go for Mac. You can download the same from here!
  • Now click on the game and you will get ‘install’ option with it. As you click on the option ‘install’, your game will start installing instantly on your device.
  • The game is installed on ‘My Applications’ section of Bluestacks, and from there you can open the game and start playing it instantly.
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