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Pixel Dungeon for PC

by boris

In the midst of so many high resolution games in recent times, Pixel Dungeon is a game with a difference. It is mainly a game that has been designed in a traditional way where there is a simple interface to start with and pixel-art graphics to play with. In contrast of its simplicity, there is much to explore about the game of Pixel Dungeon that can take the player to a journey of amazements. The basic story of the game is all about fighting against evil powers for a kingdom and in between there are many interesting facts to deal with and play.


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The Gameplay:

The story around which the whole game revolves is a kingdom that has been attacked by a dark wizard and the player using the character of the game has to find the wizard that is an Amulet of Yendor, in the big dungeon to fight against it and to finish it. While going around the dungeon in search of the amulet there are a number of challenges and rewards that the player has to face to get good scoring in the game and to cross levels. No doubt this is a game where more than one player can play to challenge each other. A simple game with a simple plot has also simple playing method with just three options of walking, attacking and picking up things.

Features of the game:

Pixel Dungeon is not only played on android devices but also now on personal computers. Pixel-art graphic with simple interface is the very first feature of the game that is already known. Along with the pixel graphics, the game has a basic background sound that complements the visuals in the game. There are many more other features that can attract modern day players to play this game.

25 different types of levels are there to make the game interesting with features such as dark caves, demon halls, locked or hidden doors, chasm traps and many more. Also be ready to fight 25 different types of monsters using different arms and powers. To fight these monsters and to cross various levels, more than 80 items are there that can be used. These items consist of the weapons, armors, wands, scrolls and many others that have to be used cunningly against specific situation.

pixel dungeon android game 2

The game is not only about weapons and levels, rather it revolves around a story and hence there are many more things that needs to be explored such as the alchemy or enchanted items, or different classes of warriors for the character of the game. Along with this there are also high score rankings and badges to fight for in the game.

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How to Play Pixel Dungeon for PC?

Pixel Dungeon for PC is a simple interface pixel-graphic game and thus, in contrast to other games, it does not require high storage or high resolution requirements. The game can be directly installed and played on a PC if you have the emulator Bluestack installed on your system. Here is how you can install this game on your PC using Bluestack:

  • Download offline installer of Bluestack using this link and install it.
  • Now open emulator and search ‘Pixel Dungeon’ using Bluestack.
  • Observe search results and click on the official link of the game.
  • Pixel Dungeon will now download and install itself, so wait few minutes.
  • Open the game from all apps list of Bluestack.

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