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Picasa Photo Editing Tool – Free Download

by boris

Picasa is software which helps in finding, editing, organizing and sharing pictures on PC. The software automatically traces the pictures on system and sorts them into visual albums for better recognition and search within the system. The drag and drop option can also be used for creating new groups. The advanced editing enables the user to put one click fixes on fingertips. The latest version also includes Web albums with improvements, but it requires an account from Google.

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Editing and Organizing Images- The preliminary feature of Picasa is to organize photos while using the importing and tracking utilities. The basic and advanced photo editing features are provided in the program such as editing functions, cropping, colour effects, red eye reduction, etc. The program also includes slide shows, image timelines, and printing.


Picasa utilizes picasa.ini files for tracking the keywords for every image. In addition, it also attached IPTC model keyword to JPEG files and not to any other format. The attached keywords in Picasa can be read by other file formats.


Picasa has an exclusive search bar for viewing the library and searches are live to display the items in a filtered manner.


Picasa has only an edit view as viewing area. This feature is available in the context menu of Windows explorer.


The backup can be made in Picasa in which the original file is saved in a hidden folder and backup is made of the current file.

Face Recognition

This feature of Picasa has been launched recently to search for photos with face recognition feature such as finding people or buildings.


This feature has been launched to allow users to write geographic coordinates to Exif metadata to geotag the image. It is a very helpful feature of Picasa.

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Publisher’s Description

Picasa is a very useful application for organizing, editing, transferring, printing and sharing images in an easy manner. It is a very easy to use the product and organize all the pictures in proper and elegant albums by date. The photos can be organized in one place and it can be searched without wasting time on searching files and folders. The program works with several file formats such as PSD, JPEG, GIF, BMP and other movie files. Also, the program is compatible with most of the digital cameras and detects USB driver for importing pictures into albums. The editing tools include cropping, red-eye removal, and enhancement of color switching options. The user can create own slides and integrate with the software. The images and videos can be organized by using labels, captions, and stars. The program is also capable of taking backups of photo and video collections to CDs or hard drives.

Change Log

The updated version of Picasa consists of viewing online links directly in PicaseWeb, text changes in popup for sharing and uploading picture on application. The X photo can also be shared with Google Photos. The G+ button is replaced with Google Photos on top of the page. There are upgradations in uploading and synchronizing the tags. Get the Picasa for your system to organise, edit, and share your images in more efficient way possible!

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