Apart from all other fighting and racing games, the game lovers can never forget their first crush with the puzzle games that initially triggered their game lover’s soul. Such puzzle games have nearly won all the smart phones, and among all such, games Pet Rescue Saga game is never missed. The smart phone lovers can now enjoy this Android game even in their PC (Windows and Mac Computers) gaining bigger screen experience. As it’s a game properly designed for Android, the game lovers will need an emulator as prerequisites before installing the game on their PC. Besides, the game can be easily downloaded from any of the mobile apps store like the Google play. So, all the game lovers, now be ready to follow this simple procedure through which you can even enjoy the attractive features of the game in the bigger screen of your PC.


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The attractive features of Pet Rescue Saga:

The game is perhaps the best inspiration source for the animal lovers where they are made to rescue the animals kept captive in the cages. The gamer has all the levels of difficulties that increase after the gamer completes every level. It is all about testing the fast hands of the gamer that decides the efficiency level of gamer to win this puzzle game. Though, most of the attractive features of the game are free of cost, the gamer can also add some extra by paying a little amount.

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The Pre-requisites:

As the game has all its compatible features made for smartphone applications, you need an emulator to download it in the PC. There are many Android emulators in the market, but the most preferred one is the Bluestacks that is easier to handle for even a newbie in the world of computer applications. In addition it is also the common application for downloading several other mobile applications in the PC.

The other common pre-requisites are:

  1. A laptop or a PC with a good graphic card.
  2. A RAM that should at least 2 GB space.
  3. Minimum 500 GB space in the hard disk.

How to download Pet Rescue Saga for PC?

After all the prerequisites, the game can support both Windows 7/8/Xp and Mac operating system.

Download-Pet-Rescue-Saga-for-PC (1)

  1. Download Bluestacks and install it in your PC.
  2. Launch the Bluestacks and search for various applications that you can download in the computer. You can search for Pet Rescue Saga application and download the highly recommended version of it in your PC.
  3. After the download you can then install it in the PC and launch the game.

After launching the game you can then start playing this popular mobile puzzle game in the bigger screen of your PC. As the game has still not officially launched for PC users, you just need to make sure that you have fulfilled all the prerequisite features before downloading and installing the game. If all the above downloading procedure is followed without any mistake then you are surely to have the best experience of playing the game on the bigger screen.

Review – Pet Rescue Saga

The idea of rescuing pets from the prisoner’s cage is quite exciting and it builds up the interest instantaneously. After the dominance on Google Play Store, It is extremely popular for android and iOS platform. There were huge expectations from this game as it was developed by Candy Crush developers, and it went beyond expectations. So, this puzzle game is absolutely wonderful and you should definitely give it a try. We hope our tutorial to download pet rescue saga for pc helps you in downloading it on your pc.

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