Apache OpenOffice is an open source software application for presentations, spreadsheets, graphics, word processing, and databases. The application is very useful and available in multiple languages and works quite well on common computers. It has also improved the compatibility with Microsoft office and free provider of Microsoft calibre applications.


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  • The application is freeware and do not have any subscription fees and no pro versions. The complex tasks of word processing and features of database management can be gained free with best utilities for users.
  • The compatibility of OpenOffice with same file formats of Microsoft such as Excel, Word is remarkable. The files of OpenOffice can be opened properly in Microsoft.
  • There are various functions for most of the basic uses. Math allows users to create basic charts and calculations in Excel and other useful features of Microsoft. The word includes text formatting and spell checker options.


  • The application cannot be used by heavy excel users. The expert spreadsheet manipulators are difficult to be found and also, the macro functions depend on the environment of Microsoft.
  • The presentations are created poorly because it supports creation of basic presentations and lacks collaborative and interactive features. The transitional effects are also not imported to OpenOffice from Microsoft.


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Bottom Line

Apache OpenOffice has most of the basic features but it cannot compete Microsoft. Though, the open source application has sufficient features for work purposes and a free application but do not provide exceptional features like Microsoft Office. The application servers the core offerings and services for the basic users but the heavy excel users and fancy support may not be gained by users.

Publisher’s Description

Apache OpenOffice is an open source application and a multiplatform office productivity application. It also consist of desktop applications such as presentation manager, spreadsheet program, word processor, drawing program and other office utilities with user friendly interface. The features and interface is set to be in line with other office applications. Apache OpenOffice also works in commutability with various file formats and also includes Microsoft office. The extensive localization support of application is available in 27 languages and it is constantly increasing in significant manner. The application can be operated on various operating system such as Linux, Solaris, and Windows etc. The application is written in C++ programming and well documented with APIs. It is licensed under SISSL and LGPL with open source protocols and allows the usability of application for various users.

Change Log

The updated version of application has various enhancements which are applied to WebDAV management and locking of files. The application can also interact with Microsoft SharePoint and enables productive use in business environment. The enhancements also includes the PDF export dialog which got redesigned for better use of service on smaller screen laptops. The application also have fixed some security vulnerabilities. It has also resolved the digital scanning functionality and updated for increased security and better performance of application. Minor bug fixes has also been resolved in current version of application.