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Need for Speed No Limits for Mac – Free Download

by boris

The wait for the lovers and fans of the game Need for Speed ends here with this new edition of the game Need for Speed No Limits. 2015 has been announced as the release year for this latest edition game by the game publisher Electronic Arts. The title of the game has been designed by Firemonkeys. This is the same studio that has come up with various games such as Real Racing and Real Racing 3. A lot of things have been changed in this new edition such as the cars, characters and also the customization options that offers this game a fresh look in comparison to the other previous versions of the Need for Speed series.


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As per the developers, this is game for all those players who are insanely in love with fast driving and powerful performance. With an incredible graphics and sound effects, the game is provided with new powers and new features to offer something even more adventurous and exciting that has been played in the early games of Need for Speed. EA releasing a trailer of the game recently stated that the latest smartphones and gadgets with more powerful supports have allowed them to offer a more powerful game to the players.

This time you will get an all new experience of deadly racing on the tracks with Need for Speed No Limits. Correctly, the name of the game says No Limit as the options that you will have in your cars while racing will have no limits. You will be offered with an endless number of features in your vehicle to race vigorously through the track winning over other vehicles on the go.

Get the most recently real-world cars and start your racing experience with them. Customize your vehicles with more than 250 million numbers of combinations of parts that also has some of the licensed body parts from some of the well known brands such as Rocket Bunny and Mad Mike. Now do you understand why this game is named as No Limit? Design your car with limitless design options and get your dream machine on the racing track.


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Also, when your racing car is ready with all that customizations, choose your track and get ready to hit the traffic to defeat the toughest challengers in the game. Fierce racing, speed, tough challengers and adventure is all what you can experience here in this new edition game Need for Speed No Limit.

Well!! If you are thinking this wonderful game can only be a part of any android device, then you will be surprised to get a twist. Now you can have your favorite android games like Need for Speed No Limit even on your Mac device using an android emulator such as Bluestacks. If you have Bluestacks on your Mac device then follow these simple steps.

  • Search for Need for Speed No Limit for Mac in Bluestacks search option.
  • Click on the game and you will get an install option.
  • Click on the install option and the game will get installed immediately on your device.

Once done, go to All Apps section of Bluestacks and start racing!

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