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Monument Valley for PC Free Download

by boris

If you are a puzzle game lover, then surely you will love the game called Monument Valley. Along with various puzzles to solve on the go, you can enjoy a number of beautiful arts that will be there as your background in the game. The ultimate maze game Monument Valley will take you to a ride where you will get various stairs and platforms in your way from where you have to search out the correct path that can lead you to the end. Enjoy various stair puzzles and use your intelligence in solving out the confusion to get a way out.


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As mentioned before, Monument Valley is all about stair puzzle with beautiful backgrounds. Well!! The name of the game only clears some of the vision about the game. Valleys are denoted as a symbol of natural beauty and hence, Monument Valley is a game with beautiful graphics and backgrounds. You can notice beautifully built monuments but, in these beautiful monuments you will have numerous stairs and here you only have to find out the correct stair platform that can lead you to the end of the journey.

As in various puzzle game, taking the wrong decision lead to the end, that goes same in this game too, as choosing the wrong stairs will lead you to a end or at times can bring you back to the same place or stair platform from where you actually started your journey. So, you have to be very careful in order to select the proper staircase so that you can crack the puzzle and can reach your destination at the earliest.

If you are thinking that the game is only all about selecting the correct stairs to reach the destination, then you have some more excitements waiting in the game. While you are solving the puzzles, you can meet a number of enemies on the way who will be trying to stop you and thus you also need to use your brains to cross these hurdles also along with solving the stair puzzle.

Though there are no such difficult moves that are there in various games of today, but you will find some very difficult situations in the game Monument Valley where you can get stuck. But a number of rewards and various other attractions are there to motivate to always get a step cleared soon and move ahead to the next level of the game.


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The game Monument valley can be played and enjoyed also on a personal computer if you have emulator like Bluestacks installed on your PC with help of which you can install and play android games on your PC. The steps of installing Monument Valley for PC with the help of Bluestacks are quite easy if the following directions are followed.

  • Search the android game in Bluestacks search option by the name of Monument Valley for PC.
  • Now, click on the game from the various result list and then click on the ‘install’ option provided in the listing.

After the game gets installed on the PC, open it from ‘My Applications’ of Bluestacks.


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