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Modern Combat 5 for PC

by boris

Gameloft’s next venture after a number of adventure games is the Modern Combat 5: Blackout that has been launched for a number of devices and can be installed on various operating systems directly or with the help of an emulator. With a high quality 3D graphics, the game has been released for various devices but the best effect can be noticed on a desktop or a personal computer. The excellent graphics is nicely complemented by a thrilling storyline or game plot and also with an adventurous game play.


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The very first thing by which you will get amazed is the game’s stunning graphics and looks, since the introduction stages itself. The looks even gets more interesting and amazing when you are thrown open to a story that leads the game to several levels and unfolds different chapters step by step. If played on a proper device with good sound card and a good graphic card, then the special effects such as lighting or fog will definitely make you a fan of this particular game.

The intense story of the game is preceded with a range of levels starting from the canals of Venice leading to warehouses and temples of Tokyo and many other places. When you are travelling across so many locations, you may at times get confused and so a voice action is also there in the game to keep you always on the track.

The game is mainly said to be dedicated for the console experience and hence a personal computer can be the best device to play Modern Combat 5. On a desktop or a computer you can play the game either using the mouse or using the keyboard. In case you are using the mouse for the game play, you will find all the options displayed on both the sides of the screen. Left side of the screen will have options for movement of the characters while the right side consists of options for using the weapons such as shooting, reloading or aiming. In case of the keyboard option, the player can choose various buttons for different options.

All these various features make this game a perfect piece for you to relax back at your room couch and dive in the action. Also, the game has to be played with an internet connection, so the best place for playing the game is your home with a good internet connection or Wi-Fi. Also you can play the game in multiplayer mode with your online friends and can enjoy various campaigns such as deathmatch and VIP mode. The multiplayer mode also provides you access to a number of some extraordinary powers and weapons.


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Getting the game on your personal computer is simple if you have the emulator Bluestacks installed on your computer. Although, if you do not have Bluestack, download from here first.

  • Start Bluestacks and search for the game with the name Modern Combat for PC.
  • Select the game from the results displayed and then click on the install option provided.
  • The game will get installed directly on the device and can be opened from the ‘My Applications’ section of Bluestacks.

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