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Microsoft Office 2013 Desktop Suit – Free Download

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Microsoft Office 2013 is a desktop suit brought from Microsoft corporations. It is available in a separate desktop compendium for you. This one is a cloud productive suit which will permit you to access all of your documents from anywhere at any time, as these documents would have stored at its cloud database. This version also included the same number of parties as it had carried in the last version, although several new features has elevated its existence among its predecessors.


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Features of Office 2013:

Very firstly, Microsoft 2013 has clean and edgy look which might not have brought yet, in its previous versions. Office 2013 has a refreshing and coherent look along with magnificent responsiveness across distinct platforms such as smartphones, tablets and of course desktop. If you need an integration of sky drive with your office 2013, will need an annual subscription. After which you can synch and access all your unusual important files and documents from anywhere you need. The process of accessing is pretty simple, through your browser you can check all your files and document.

Another attractive feature of office 2013 includes preview feature. Sometimes, you open up a file or document in MS Word just to check it out or to read out. In this feature, when you opens up a document, it will show you preview of documents in reading mode and the editing will only be made when you will go for enabling editing mode manually. Well, don’t worry! It is not such complex, option of enable editing will be flashing up at the top of console. Video support from this version is slightly better than that of its previous ones. Another feature includes multimedia assignment support. With the help of this feature, you can explore desired images, audio files as well as video files right from office 2013 console. In this version it support and embedded search engine which will be connected to internet and will find you suitable file for attachment.

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On the other hand, it Excel 2013 has got more easy formulae and navigation has been more easeful. The various charts of excel look much dynamic and creation of charts has become easier. Moving on PowerPoint 2013, it is incorporated with magnificent advanced controls by MS Corp. Features such as Slide Zoom, Synching photo directly from flicker account or accounts associated to other social network, boost its performance and lead it to the zenith among lists of its predecessors.

System requirement are the same, what you used to carry for its older version, although you can clear your disk space as much as possible so that it graphics performance may make take place appropriately. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Window 8 for all 64 and 32 bit operating systems. In the early of March 2013, this magnificent version was brought by Microsoft Corporations. Obviously, it is available in distinct languages as people from all around the globe are admiring and also working on the same. For their sake of interest, multiple languages are provided for navigation.

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