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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware utilizes the option of installing trial version of software and works tremendously for the detection of malwares and killing the malwares efficiently. The application is well integrated with the rootkit detection directly within the streamlined interface of application.


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  • The design of application is very unique and looks quite approachable to users. The design improvement such as less tabs, large boxes, adaptive windows and friendly buttons are available in the program. It allows the user to utilize the application in system tray appropriately.
  • The features and utilities of program supports 6 bit architecture and comes with anti-rootkit built-in facility., access manager, exclusion option, automatic scheduler and many other features.
  • The enhanced security features of application has a proper flow to improve protection. Prior scanning for viruses, the application looks for out of date versions of system and then after, runs the scanning process for detection and removal of viruses and malware from the system. It also blocks infections, malwares and other malicious programs.


The only disadvantage of application is that it runs on the subscription model. Though, the application can be used for lifetime but the new users may require to get an annual subscription for using premium version. However, the free version is available for all users.

Malwarebytes Anti - myappsforp

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Bottom Line

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware maintains excellent track record of the efficient anti-malware application with intuitive graphical user interface. The visual refresh, inclusion of built-in rootkit detection, interface tweaks makes it a modern anti-malware application. The subscription model may not be compatible with every use but it is becoming a widely accepted standards for most of the security programs.

Publisher’s Description

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a powerful engine with new built-in technologies to seek, destroy and prevent malware infections. The application is very easy to use and available in various versions according to the requirement of users. The application is well known for the capabilities of detection and removal of malwares and also, prevention of malware infections effectively. In addition, the application offers various extra utilities and an approachable community forum to combat with the malwares.

Change Log

The updated version of application includes license key on the account screen itself. The remaining subscription is also displayed in the account screen. The application has also done major improvements for clarification of license status. The protection capabilities are increased under web protection category. In addition, numerous enhancement are conducted for complete compatibility with Windows 10 version. The data collection techniques has also been improved for malware analysis and research. The enhanced functions has ability to restore the Malwarebytes functionality when infected by infections. The application has enhanced support for high DPI displays. It has also updated button text on malware and non-malware detected buttons for clarification of meaning. The exclude button is also removed on website blocked notification to reduce the allowance of malicious sites. The application has corrected translation errors in multiple languages and added support for Chinese language. The remediation capabilities and other malware detection improvements are updated in new version.

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