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MacBooster – Download It To Remove Junk Files

by boris

MacBooster is an advanced software system, intended for optimizing Mac computer. Developed by the Chinese company IObit, the software works for Android, Mac and Windows devices. MacBooster is available with three different packages – Lite, Standard and Premium. The software has presented lots of tools for cleaning disk and for protection against viruses. As the software removes all the junk files, the users can regain free space. The computer system also starts working at a faster rate with the cleanup done by MacBoosters.


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Cleans up the system

Photo editing, gaming and listing music- everything can be done. However, the presence of several files reduces the space of hard drive. The software, MacBooster helps in scanning and in freeing up the space. After releasing the space, the users can store more contents.

Virus Scan

The software scans not only the unnecessary files but also the potential malware and threats to the system. It is designed to remove data, which can affect the users’ privacy.

Privacy data cleanup

With a simple click, the users can remove the cookies, cache and browsing details. It is also effective at cleaning the currently used items and the traces of various apps. It makes sure that all the personal details will never become viewable to others. The confidential data will get removed securely by this software.


Improve Mac computer performance

Due to the third-party applications and various other reasons, Mac computer can run slowly. Different media apps also consume much amount of disk space. MacBooster not only solves this issue but also optimize the storage capacity of disk. It optimizes

  • Disk – By cleaning cache data
  • Storage – By removing media cache
  • Disk Permission – By settling the permission-related issues

Check status

The unique feature of MacBooster is that it analyzes the status of the system comprehensively. The users have the opportunity of checking every detail of their computer.

Cleans up memory

RAM memory of the computer can get jammed with a vast amount of cache data. For any definite task, while there is a need of much space, the software removes the caches.

Duplicate file finder

While a Mac computer has several duplicate or same files, they take considerable space. The software has the capability of finding out all the duplicates. It previews the documents before deleting them; ignore important files; remove duplicate folders and traces the bigger files.


  • Simple software with intuitive UI
  • Integrated with the most helpful tools
  • In-depth thorough duplicate file cleaning
  • Users can control the file deletion process


  • No free edition
  • More instructions are essential for every removal process


MacBooster is one of the safe and reliable software programs, and it causes no disturbance to the computer system. Combined with various functions and features, MacBooster can be used very easily. The software is released with several editions, and the latest one is the version 6. The users may invest on it and improve the performance of their system.

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