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LinkedIn Pulse for PC – Free Download

by boris

Social networking is not only just for social connectivity and communication. There have been many sites and applications that have been helping the professionals in their professional fields such as the application LinkedIn. With LinkedIn you can connect with people who are from your work field or from your last organization. Also you can follow people whom you take as your inspiration or can follow and be a part of many organizations and their profiles. LinkedIn has also provided the facility of seeking the right candidates by the organizations for vacant positions.

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Now to make the professional life of LinkedIn even easier, here is another application known as the LinkedIn Pulse. Using this android application on your smartphone, you can now follow various articles and stories that are relevant to your work field and also of your interest. All what you have to do is to sign in to the application of LinkedIn Pulse with your LinkedIn account and then you can select your field of which you wish to get stories and news.

As you select your interest and your topic, you can get articles and blogs from a number of sources that are interesting as well as trusted. Not only the searching of the topic and the news stories is simple but also the navigation of the stories is also simple, so that you can easily and comfortably read the stories. You can also have a view of your contacts and RSS feeds of your LinkedIn profile from the application of LinkedIn pulse. Even you can join the conversations using the application.

The articles can be easily read, because the application can very effectively and easily download the articles from the original source and that also in the best quality. If there is a story that you loved and wish to keep it in your account for future references, then also it is possible. You can simply save this particular article of your choice in the application so that you can read it again in future. Apart from the above mentioned important features of the application LinkedIn Pulse, there are many more other features that will definitely make you install this particular application on your device. You will get daily alerts of the news stories, of the topics that you have interest in. Also you can share your stories and articles with others using other applications such as LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp and others.

Installing and using the application LinkedIn Pulse is quite simple and also easy on windows PC with the help of an emulator such as Bluestacks. Bluestacks will allow you to download and install a number of android applications such as LinkedIn Pulse on your PC with simple steps:

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  • Download Bluestacks!
  • Install Bluestacks on your device if you do not have it. Now search for the application LinkedIn for PC in the search option of Bluestacks.
  • As you get the application, click on it and you will get the option for installation from where you can install the application directly on your device.

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