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Kakaotalk for PC or Windows 7/8/Xp Computer Free Download

by boris

The IM Apps like Skype, Line and WeChat are becoming a hot entity in the market because of their endless feature list and facilities. These IM apps use the always available internet on our smartphones and save our expenditure on texts and calls.

One of the app called Kakaotalk is also luring many users across the globe for what it offers and the fact that kakaotalk available to download for the windows 7/8/Xp PC exclusively. But, before we head to the downloading procedure, here below are some features of this app.


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Kakaotalk – Overview

  • The Kakaotalk offers unlimited free calls and texts anywhere in the world. The group chat can involve up to 5 members and with them you can share any file available on your computer like audio, video, documents and more.
  • This app also provides the hiding chats on the PC, if you’re sharing your PC with someone else. And, the emoticons make the chat very interesting with the needed privacy to your personal chat rooms as well.
  • Kakaotalk also has the feature of getting logged you out from its account using your smartphone with the help of its remote settings and the chatting style also can be changed according to your interest like in excel sheets.
  • The daily dose of themes doesn’t make you feel bored while using this app and if still you do feel bore then, you can try the variety of games available on it.
  • The plus friend feature on it helps you earn gifts and in last you can also schedule your meeting with friends or vote to meet them as an additional feature of this app.

KakaoTalk for PC

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How to Download Kakaotalk for Windows Computer or PC                             

There are two methods of downloading kakaotalk app for your windows 7/8/Xp Computer and here how you can do it.

Direct Download – Kakaotalk for PC

Use the link in the bottom of this article to download the Kakaotalk for your windows 7/8 PC directly and using it instantly.

Download Kakaotalk using Bluestacks

This alternative method requires you to download a platform to run this app and here are the steps below.

  • Download Bluestacks as an app running platform for your PC.
  • Install that and click on the icon to launch it.
  • Type the app name in the search field.
  • Click on the right alternative to download the Kakaotalk on your windows 7/8 PC.
  • Install the app as per the instructions appeared on the PC screen.
  • Finally, click on the app to launch it and now you can use the Kakaotalk on your windows 7/8 PC for free.

Verdict for Kakaotalk for PC

The IM apps era has just begun to become bigger everyday and the Kakaotalk app is just perfect to blend with others big names like Skype, WeChat and Line.

The only thing which I guess has given this app edge over the others is the availability of it exclusively for the windows 7/8/Xp Computers and laptop. The above method will guide you to download the kakaotalk on your computer and if you face any issues, then, please let us know them in the comment section below.

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