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Internet Download Manager – Free Download

by boris

Gone are the days of those small files which our poor browsers download manager can withstand to. With the increasing speeds of 3G/4G connection, there have been increase in the size of the files which we require to download from the internet. Thus it is now a necessity to have a reliable download manager which could automatically grab all the downloadable URL’s placed onto the clipboards or which can automatically detect the downloadable stuff and start downloading it instantaneously. Well, if you are looking for such sort of powerful download manager, then internet download manager is best for the cause.


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What Does It Actually Do?

Internet download manager works on a quite simple idea. To increase the speed of a download it could be downloaded from different servers at once, although it is quite impossible to have exactly the same file on different servers and download it from them simultaneously. IDM works on the reverse process. Instead of downloading single file form several servers, the file is actually splitted in several pieces which are usually 4, 8, 16 or 32.

All of these fragments are downloaded using different ports thus a different connection, allowing simultaneous transfer of different fragments and increasing speed of the transfer. This process is known as multipart download, although this is found in most of the download managers available today. However, this is not the only thing which is present in this amazing application.


The main feature of IDM is the accelerated speed, you will surely get boosted speed as compared to downloading it with inbuilt download manager of your browser. IDM support resuming the download, which gives an added benefit of completing the downloading after a break. However, this resuming comply with websites having simpler algo’s for generating download link. It doesn’t yet support resuming download in cloud servers, as such servers usually refreshes the link after a regular interval or when the link is no more active.

You can schedule you download, when to start and when to stop it again. IDM smartly integrates to all of your browsers. Currently it support Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. Besides this you can also make it to automatically detect the application which can download data from internet. Using this feature unsupported browsers can also be brought into the supported ranges.

Downloading and managing downloads is even simpler as it possess a simple interface, having all the functions on the main screen. The main page consist of download, which can be completed, in progress or in queue. You can get rid of the completed items by clicking on delete completed tasks, can resume, add or delete a download by respective links.


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Another main feature of this application is queue management, where you can just put the files in bulk and the application will complete them one by one. You can set maximum number of simultaneous downloads, limit the download speed and change the numbering of the queue items too.

Currently IDM support all major protocols including http, https, ftp, ftps etc.; excluding bit torrent. So, download the Internet Download Manager today for all your downloading needs!

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