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iMovie Clone for Windows (7/8/Xp) & Mac Computers Free Download

by boris

iMovie Clone for Windows (7/8/Xp) & Mac Computers Free Download

The Apple apps have always been attracted windows users because of their supporting features, effective technology and the simple user interface. The Apple, however, doesn’t launch its apps for any other platform then iOS.

But, it’s a fact that everybody can’t purchase the Apple for sure because of its hefty price tag. The Apple apps are exclusively available for only its products like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac.

Still, the windows 7/8/Xp users, which has the biggest market of PCs and laptop in the world wants its apps like iMovie, iPhoto, iMusic and much more for themselves.


The option is only that they need to get a clone or a sister app for the same purpose. An app called iMovie, which is used to watch, edit and share photos, videos, clips and others is in very demand these days and here below is an exact clone of that for your windows 7/8/Xp PC.

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How to Download and Install iMovie Clone for PC

Movavi Video Editor – The Clone

This app is the best alternate for you, if you wish to experience the iMovie’s facilities on windows 7/8/Xp computers. The app has lots of things to talk about, which will surely amaze you while using it. Here below is the complete description of its features.

Completing the Need of iMovie

The purposes for which you want to use the iMovie are as follows.

Editing- Everyone wants to edit some of his favorite scenes from a movie, a small clip from a video or even a few lines from a song. The iMovie does all these things with ease.

Making- When you’re making a video or a short film of your own, then the features and options provided by the iMovie are best in the niche.

Sharing – Sharing your edited videos, clips, images on your blogs, websites, and other platforms is just a click away from you while using the iMovie.

Now, if I say that all the above features are also available in the Movavi Video Editor then would you believe me? Well, you’ve got no other option pal; the windows 7/8 alternative of the iMovie app has all the above things with even some add ons.

Editing – The options like split, merge, crop, managing fps, rotation is just the starters of this app. The MVE got more options like enhancing sound quality, colors, view, chrome key, 2D/3D editing and much more.

Making – This iMovie sister has got many options like joining slides, special effects, templates, captions and others to make your movies unique.

Sharing – All the platforms like FB, YouTube, Twitter and others are also available on the MVE to share your work across the globe while you’re sitting on your couch.

P.S. – The only thing which I think could resist you from downloading the MVE for your windows 7/8/Xp PC is just its 7 day trial period and after that you need to purchase it.

Apps like iMovie for PC  – Review

The iMovie is definitely an out of the world app for the users, but the windows users don’t have gadgets to use that. The only thing they can do is the use of the above app called MVE to feel the same experience that Apple users feel while using the iMovie.

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