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iMessage for PC – Windows (7/8/Xp) Computer – Free Download

by boris

The Apple has a pool of apps for its devices and most of them will on it only. The apps which are found in the iTunes store are specially meant for the Apple devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac.

It is also very hard or almost impossible to run those apps on your Windows 7/8 PC as the Apple doesn’t launch many of its apps for its rivals. However, the android on the other hand is much friendlier with the apps which could easily run on your computer.

One of the apps from Apple namely iMessage is so popular so that the users want it desperately for their Windows PC. Though, there is no official PC version of that. But, I’ll tell you the procedure to download it for your Windows 7/8/Xp Computers.


Before that, let’s just take a quick overview of the iMessage app.

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What is iMessage?

iMessage is a popular messaging app for the Apple device users like iPad, iPhone and Mac. This app allows you to send text to anyone who is available on your contact list and has this app installed on his/her Apple device.

How the iMessage Work?

The user interface and working of the iMessage for PC is very simple and friendly I guess this why this app is on the radar of windows desktop users too.

While using this app you just need to send the text to a person who is available on your contact list of this app and the text will be delivered to his all devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac if he has the feature turned on. Very simple, isn’t it?

Now, coming to the point, here below is the procedure to use it for PC.

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Free Download and Install iMessage for Windows 7/8/Xp Computers

The very first thing I would like to clear here is that your Apple device like the iPhone or iPad needs to be jailbroken for its use. The jailbreak of your iDevice will finish its warranty and I sincerely hope that you’re aware with the consequences of it.

If you agree with the jailbreak condition, then follow the steps given below to complete the procedure.

  • Once your device has JailBroken, then download the Remote Messages on your Apple device.
  • Now install it properly and go to its settings menu for retrieving the IP address of this app. While writing the IP address on your PC, mention the server port after colon (:).
  • Use this IP address on your Windows 7/8 and Xp PC to open the same application which is currently on your iDevice.
  • Once the procedure is complete, then you’ll be able to connect through the iMessage and send the texts through your windows 7/8 PC.

Review iMessage for PC                                                                                                        

The iMessage is no doubt a useful app for the iDevice users as you can use it from any of your iPhone, iPad and even Mac. The usefulness of this app has lured the windows PC users too, and the above procedure will help you to use this app on your Windows 7/8 and PC or laptop.

However, the jailbreak of your iDevice is not advised but, if you don’t have any issues with it, then you can go for the above procedure.

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