Google chrome was released in the year 2008 and acquired its place in the list of fastest browsers of all the time. Launched by leading developer “Google Inc.”, it is used by the majority of internet users worldwide. You don’t need to worry about its price, as it is freely available for downloading and Installation. Run Google Chrome on your Windows, iOS, Android and you will never get disheartened. Now say goodbye to a slow browser like, Internet Explorer, which wasn’t even supported on Windows XP. Highly compatible with the internet, Chrome is all set to provide you well-organized interface.


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Chrome is integrated with many excellent features like tabs, voice search, syncing bookmarks, chrome extensions, pdf and flash support, multiple user, plugins and security. Enabled with tab feature, chrome allows you to move tabs with just one click and drag; you can also separate windows by simply dragging it out. The fastest growing technology allows you to search the web by your voice. Start by clicking on the microphone icon and you are all set to go with the search by voice. Another amazing feature which was added in Google chrome is built in support of pdf and flash player. So you need not worry about installing the plug-in for opening pdf files. Extensions provided by Chrome fulfil the function of several applications in just one go. Google chrome also introduced syncing bookmarks– feature which allow its user to sync bookmarks from any computer. Besides syncing it has auto fill feature for search and password entries. It allows the multiple user to sync their history and bookmarks by using their Google accounts.

Google chrome is designed in such a way that it won’t crash by faulty web pages easily; hence, bad pages are not going to affect other tabs. It allows privacy mode by using chrome in incognito mode will allow you to browse the web privately; so that your history, passwords, and many such private entities will not be saved by Chrome. The highly stable and fast web browser allows you to create shortcuts on a desktop. Besides this, the feature like themes and extension available in chrome store are going to provide you the amazing web experience.

Some important features which make Google chrome world’s best web browser are speed, design, privacy, easy control over tabs and simple search. Security is another key feature for the success of chrome, as it keep its user safe from phishing and malware. Auto updatable features ensure all security features to be fixed and updated. It also displays warning for malware suspected websites. Help and support provide in-depth help where you can also give your feedback.


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Google chrome is the undoubtedly best web browser available in the market. It has effective and efficient features, with great interference and proper security which enables secure browsing for its user. The speed of Google chrome is a most important reason for its high user base, with quick updates Google Inc. is adding more and more rich features and making browsing of a user easy.