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Get AutoCAD 2015 for Windows Free

by boris

Each time Autodesk comes up with such changes in AutoCAD that may not be very big but of course puts a great impact. With the updated version of AutoCAD to AutoCAD 2015, there are a number of experiments that have been done by the experts and hence a series of new features can be noticed as you start working on it. Some of these features are the improved versions of the old ones and some are newly added to provide better specific facilities to the users who will be using the program for their technical field.


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The Interface

A number of changes have been made in the interface of the program. The major change that has been done is the division of the interface into two frames namely Learn and Create. As the name suggests, in the Learn frame you can have a tutorial of how to use the application and how to create your drawings and other dimensional figures. In the Create frame you will be provided three different columns. The very first column is to start up with a new drawing. The second column is to edit the drawing that you have created and the third column is to have a preview of what you have created.


Also, the interface is now clearer and bigger than the previous versions of AutoCAD. The theme of the interface has been set at an eye soothing resolution and also the option and tool buttons are reorganized for better access.

Text And Drawing Settings

A number of changes have been also made in the texting option and the tools for drawing in the program. The settings of suggestive command and synonyms has been improved that can provide better help to the users.

While drawing, the exact colors of the objects are available and visible on the screen now and thus you will get exactly the same look of the object that you wanted to have. A blue highlight is now introduced that focus on the cursor and helps you in keeping track of it.

Cloud Points

There are various other tools and options for the program that you can get while you are online on your Autodesk 360 account. You will get various improved options of geographic location, design feed and other enhanced apps in the program. Tag and send your files to colleagues and others now with exact geographic location of your file. Also, a number of other various tools and options have been added that you can notice while you are on online mode of the program.


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System Requirements

You can access the program of AutoCAD 2015 at its best with operating system of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP of 64 bit. For downloading the program or for going online, the best way is to use Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or something similar to it. A video card of 1024 x 760 VGA is needed for 3D drawings. Your computer should also have a space of 2 GB RAM and 6 GB disk space.

Once all the minimum requirements are met, simply click the button below to download AutoCad 2015 for free!

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Hi, do you have Revit Architecture and 3D Studio Max for download? Thank you.


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