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Get 94% for Mac For Free !

by boris

After a number of racing games and fighting games, there are a number of puzzle games that is getting developed by the game developers because mainly the gamers now love playing such puzzle games. Among such various puzzle games, one amazing game that has been developed is the game 94%. The developer of the game 94% has also come up with a number of other games in past such as 94degree and others that has remained actually successful among the puzzle game players crowd. 94% is mainly a puzzle game that has concepts and questions that are related to your daily lifestyle.

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No difficult general knowledge questions or no brainstorming block joining methods are there in the game of 94%. You will get questions that you answer daily in your life such as ‘what you do the first thing when you get up in the morning?’ or ‘what food you like the most?’ Here you have to not only answer about what you think and do, but you also have to think and imagine what other people may think and then have to answer the question. A very cool concept where you can check out what is there in the minds of other people, isn’t it?

The game play of 94% is also very easy with a very simple and easily navigable interface. There are total 35 levels that you have to cross in the game. Each level consists of 3 different questions to answer. Each question will have two texts and one image. By analyzing these three, you have to guess the answer that will be a name or a word.

Now why this 94% is mentioned? So, while you are answering, different answers that you provide will have different percentage. So, till it is 94% you have to guess different answers. A wrong answer that does not match the question will not score you any percentage. For example; if the question is about ‘what food is your favorite?’, then you may answer hamburger that may get you 22%, now you can choose some other answer such as corn that may get you another 8%, then pizza that may earn you another 20% and hence finally you can reach 94%.



There can be a many a times when you are out of stock and so you get stuck at some question. So, during this moment you can take help from ‘Letter Joker’ in $3 that will provide you a hint with the first letter of the word.

Though this game is a great hit for the android devices, but if you are having a Mac computer, then also you can get the game 94% on it with the help of an emulator such as Bluestacks.

  • You have to first install Bluestacks on your device and have to run it.  Get it from this link!
  • Now search for the game 94% for Mac in search option of Bluestacks and click on it as you get it.
  • You will get an ‘install’ option with the game, click on it to install the game on your device directly.

Once done, navigate to My Apps section of Bluestacks and start answering!

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