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GarageBand for PC – Window7/8/Xp – Mac – Free Download

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GarageBand is the sound mixing app created by Apple which is widely used by artists, DJ’s and music fanatics. It is one of the extraordinary software which is worth a try if you are into music industry. Since it is developed by Apple, It is officially available for MAC and iOS computers. However, some other software companies have created this wonderful app for Window machines also; therefore you can easily download it on your desktop to use it free of cost.


Features of GarageBand

The main purpose of GarageBand Software is to help the users in creating their own customized tracks, songs. It is a life saver app for the people of music industry. It allows you to create music in short span of time. It comes with some brilliant features like Virtual Keyboard and also supports external keyboard via USB. You can easily record your own voice and vary it by using synthesizers.

The best thing about this software is that it comes with a detailed guide on, “how to edit or customize your music. It has a remarkable user interface and you’ll hardly have any problem in using it. Once you have installed GarageBand for PC, just go through the guide and you are done.

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How to Install GarageBand for Window 7/8 and Window Xp

If you do not own an apple product i.e.; computer, laptop or Macbook then don’t disappoint as Rare Software offer the GarageBand for PC (Window7/8/Xp) and you can easily download it on your window pc that too free. J

The link to download GarageBand is given at the bottom of this post. Just go through the link and follow the instruction. It hardly takes 10 minutes to download GarageBand on your window pc. In Case you have any problem while download, please specify it the comment section.

The second option to download GarageBand for window is, using Bluestack. It’s simple, just like other android apps, install Bluestack and search GarageBand on the search box and install it.

Alternatives to GarageBand

GarageBand is a highly popular app related to music industry that can also be used with guitar. For the people who are unable to get GarageBand, there are few alternatives available which work almost same as GarageBand. StageLight is an exceptional alternative to GarageBand for computers as it has all the basic functionality like GarageBand. You can do all sort of things with this app like mixing the various tracks, changing the beat and recording your own voice. You can also use mixcarft on your pc to mix your songs. It is also a handy app for music lovers.

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How to Download GarageBand for Mac

GarageBand is available free to download on your Mac pc. This app is especially designed to be used on Mac computers so no doubt that it works best on the apple gadgets. It can be used with any Mac device Mac Pro, Mac Mini etc.

If GarageBand does not come preinstalled on your Mac pc, you can visit this link and download it for free.

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