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by boris

Now keep all your friend close to you all the time using Yahoo! Messenger. Microsoft’s developed this program, which is very light weighed and support multiple languages including English. This way, the application can be used throughout the world. Moreover it is dispatched as a freeware in the market, supporting video calling, text messaging, audio calling and exchange of files having distinctive formats. The program also offers you a chat room where you can just sign in a chat with stranger and make new friends.


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Features of Yahoo Messenger:

Keep yourself updated:

You will regularly be updated about what is happening with your friend via program notifications panel or visiting their timelines. The detailed favorite list provided in the program will show you who is active on the network to chat at the moment. Other than making communication with friends, you can also customize your own profile in different way. With your profile customization options, you can set and change your status of your profile, and you can also set or change the depicted profile picture in the program, also with the updated release of the program, and you can integrate your location with the messenger via Geo-tagging functionality.

Explore more with Yahoo! Messenger:

Story doesn’t end with the above listed functionality of program, but there are still more miles to go! With Yahoo! Messenger you can share image media on network and all your friends can see and respond to the post as well. Moreover, the interface of the program have chat window that includes text messaging, video calling, audio messaging, voicemail sending, and support for thousands of emoticons. It also carries a built in media player that offers you to watch shared media playback support right in the Chat window.

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  • The program offers versatile integration of different social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo! Mail and so on.
  • The application has really smooth interface and it is highly customizable too.
  • Yahoo! Messenger is powerful, more stable and full of resources.
  • It enables you to make text messaging and voicemail support for free.
  • The application is totally a freeware.
  • You send files having huge size up to 2GB via Yahoo Messenger.
  • The program becomes upgraded and updated by the developers in a timely fashion.


There have been some flaws in the program such as incomplete smiley list which may not be appreciated by versatile chat lovers. Also, Some unnecessary prompts are made by the program during or after the installation made.

Bottom Line:

Despite of the fact that the application is one among ancient instant messaging applications, several integration made with its interface and appearance has made it still in use among several legendry IM apps like WhatsApp. Choosing Yahoo! Messenger for use would not be a bad deal at all as it is free for use and incredibly light in weight. The program also support multiple language supports and enabled with various themes customization options. And the biggest reason that makes it worth a try application is Microsoft’s support.

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