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Free Download WinRAR for Windows XP/7/8

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WinRAR is the one stop application that all computer users swear by when it comes to opening, creating and decompressing RAR, ZIP and other format files. It compresses files so that you save on the space taken by the particular file on your hard disk.

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The Different Compression Encoding Formats

The program makes use of 3 compression formats-

  1. ZIP
  2. RAR
  3. RAR5 (The latest addition)

The RAR5 gives a higher and better compression rate as opposed to the other two formats.

Security is Never Overlooked!

WinRAR takes security very seriously and it allows you to protect the file you compress using WinRAR. By making use of the 256-bit AES encryption algorithm you can set a password for the respective file.

Features and File Formats Galore

By making use of WinRAR you can also create self-extracting files or files that get decompressed simply by double clicking on them. The new update also has a great feature that allows you to repair damaged files.

There are a total of 15 different formats supported by WinRAR when it comes to decompression of files. The formats are-

  1. RAR
  2. ZIP
  3. 7-Zip
  4. ACE
  5. ARJ
  6. BZ2
  7. CAB
  8. GZip
  9. ISO
  10. JAR
  11. LHZ
  12. TAR
  13. UUE
  14. XZ
  15. Z

Key Functions- Compress and Decompress!

The key functionalities and tasks that WinRAR can perform appear on the top most bar of the screen. There is the option of Wizard, Virus Scan, options to add/delete files and to create files that are self-extracting. If you have to open a compressed file, you simply have to right click on the particular file and choose Extract File. By making use of the wizard, your work will seem relatively easier.

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If you are looking at creating a compressed file, plainly click on the file and choose ‘Add to Archive’. If you wish to create a file that decompresses itself, click on self-extracting on the WinRAR application window.

RAR5- The New Compression Format in the WinRAR Family

The latest addition to WinRAR is the addition of the RAR5 compression format.

P.S- Files created using the RAR5 format can be opened only through WinRAR 5.0 onwards.

Compatibility Eased Up and Integrations are Seamless

Windows 7, XP and 8 have the compatibility with WinRAR and the installation file of the software is compatible with the 32 and the 64-bit system. To add to the goodies of WinRAR it seamlessly integrates itself with the antivirus software that you may have installed on your personal computer.

Should WinRAR Be Used?

WinRAR if pitted against the WinZIP gives a much better compression rate. The range of features it delivers along with the vast formats it supports make it an all-round application. For users who are on the lookout for an application that gives great compression and decompression functionality coupled with advanced features, WinRAR is the answer!

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