The smartphones are called smart because of the apps they have to make the life of users cozier. These apps have tremendous potential to do anything for us like bill payments, online shopping, entertaining, photo editing and much more.

The Apple app for photo editing, that is, iPhoto is the best in the niche because of its helpful options and amazing features. The iPhoto is a choice of every smartphone user irrespective of his OS.

iPhoto for Windows

Now, with the days passing by, it’s very much possible to use these kinds of apps on PC as well as on windows 7/8/XP users are very eager to find out a way to download iPhoto for their PC.

Apparently, there is no method which can help you use or download the iPhoto for windows 7/8/XP PC. But, there are a few options which you can use to feel that, what the iPhoto looks like and work. Here below are some options.

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                        UC Browser for pc windows 7

Google Picasa – an Alternative for iPhoto for Windows Users

The Google Picasa is the best option around for the windows 7/8/XP users those who want different form leak photo editing app on their windows 7/8/XP PC.

The Picasa offers a great deal of option including background effects, colors stabilization and management, photo frames and much more. The interface of Picasa is very simple so that even your toddler can learn it in quick time too.

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Adobe Photoshop

The serious photo editors which are very keen to provide professional touch to their photographs will find this option very useful for them. Being an app for professionals, the Adobe has some high level photo editing options to look like a picture truly magnificent.

The only concern with the Adobe is the hefty price tag which I guess is not suitable for those who want to try out the photo editing for just fun.


Although, the classy features and easy to understand user interface won’t make you feel regret of the money you’ve spent on this iPhoto alternative for your windows 7/8/XP PC.

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Zoner Photo Studio

The Zoner is a combination of the Adobe and Picasa photo editing tools which makes its perfect choice for those who’re currently editing the images for fun, but want to take it a bit seriously.

The features available in it are from both Picasa and Adobe in order to give some learning to the newbies and then allowing them to edit the pics with professionalism.

The price tag is not very high like Adobe, but isn’t free like Picasa too. The moderate price tag is very suitable with all the features it comprises.

Review – iPhoto for Windows

The iPhoto for windows is the best and most anticipated photo editing app for sure, but the unavailability of that force us to use something clone like apps for our windows 7/8/XP PC.

The above options are best among the different categories like for newbies, professionals and want to be a professional enthusiast regarding photo editing.

These apps will not give you the experience like iPhoto, but it won’t be any either once you’re perfect with options so, just try them out for your windows 7/8/ PC.

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