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Free Download Fotorus for PC or Windows (7/8/XP) Computers

by boris

Hey Folks,

Today we have something for the paparazzi lovers; yes you got us right, all those people out there who believes in instant click, super quick edits and uploading your photographs at lightning speed, this one is for you. We are going to discuss about this super fun photo editing app known as ‘Fotorus’ that has been creating some buzz lately over all android devices and is now available for free download on your PC/ Desktop or Laptop. It is available for free on Google Play, and it has been downloaded over millions of times. Fotorus is easily available for windows 7/8/Xp users and it enables the editing of the pictures and images with ease.


Features of Fotorus for PC

Fotorus is much more than your normal photo editing app in multiple ways. It makes your random clicks super expressive through its top notch editing tools and lets you share them right away on the social media to grab the eye-balls of your peers. Here we jot down some features that we find extremely cool:

  • It has a whole new set of professional template that lets you convert a normal click into the cover of a high fashion magazine, InstaMag as they name it!
  • The app lets you create the cutest of collages assimilating your favorite pictures from the desktop and placing them in cute boxes;
  • It has a unqiue “Photo-in-photo” option that lets you place one photo inside the other, thus making a normal click look super professional and leave your friends in absolute awe;
  • If that was not all, the app also lets you adjust the brightness and pixels of the original photo, thus making the capture appear more lively;

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How to Download and Install Fotorus on Windows 7/8 and Xp Computer?

We are absolutely sure that now that we have let you into the world of this amazing app, your fingers must be waiting to download the same and get started. Though the app was initially available for free in Google Play stores and mainly within the reach of iphone and android users, the PC version lets all Windows 7/8/Xp user get their share of the treat. So here is your download guide:


  • Start off by downloading an Android Emulator on your PC, we would recommend ‘Bluestack” given by the fact that the downloading and installation procedure resembles any software download;
  • Once successfully downloaded, open the beginner screen and search for ‘Fotorus’ among the available option or type in the same in the search option;
  • Once you have found the app, double click the download option that should ideally appear right next to the icon of the app;
  • The downloading and installation procedure would take a couple of minutes depending on the net speed of the user, and a customized wizard option will guide the user very conveniently through the entire downloading and installation process;
  • Once the installation process is complete, the Fotorus app icon would appear on the desktop screen. Double-click the icon and get going.

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Wrapping it Up

Though a lot of fotorus competitors are available in the apps market such as Instagram and Picasa among many others, we give this one very credible rating for its sheer innovativeness and user free operating guide.

If you have successfully downloaded fotorus on your computer using this guide,Please share this article to your social media network.

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