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by boris

The application has brought back Start menu and came up with so many features which were more annoying for most of the users such as Xbox, Xbox integration, etc which were completely useless for the users. This is the situation when 10AppsManager has come and provides the possibility of removing all unwanted features from windows with an easy process and single click. 10AppsManager is designed for Windows 10 specifically and distributed as free application which can be run in no time. The application comes with an executable package in a ZIP so that there is no need to extract and run the application instead of completing fussy installation process. 10AppsManager also comes with compatible user interface and does not have so many controls. The user needs to click on the corresponding application and need to confirm the uninstallation. The targeted application will be removed right away without any further user inputs. The unwanted applications will be removed in one go and will disappear from the Start menu but can be seen in application interface so that the user can get that app back in case of requirement at any point of time. This free application is very useful to get rid of unwanted apps with easy process.


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  • 10AppsManager is quick and easy utility application and removes the unwanted items in single click
  • System changes can be committed instantly without rebooting and restarting the system
  • Excellent graphic user interface and free application
  • Installation is not compulsory for users and users can drop a light exe file to run the application and serving the purpose in their system
  • Easy to use by inexperienced users.


  • Application does not indicate uninstalled apps in any source and removal of entries from list or graying out from system
  • It continue to nag various message dialogs with task completion confirmation
  • There is no integration with the batch option support for uninstallation of all applications at one time
  • There is no any option of preventing Microsoft from re-installation of application at the time of creating new account of user


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Publishers Description

Microsoft has made it difficult for users to update editions of operating system and also opened the market for developers for coming up with different application to fix these issues. Therefore, 10AppsManagers has come up as an efficient tool for hiding the unwanted apps from Start menu and also, uninstall them from Start menu. The application works very well and uninstallation task gets very easy for users. The application serves its purpose in an excellent manner and naturally resort to substitute solutions within the system.

Bottom Line

The application has some minor issues but ultimately, serves the main purpose of managing the apps and tools in efficient manner. It has improved utilities and user friendly interface for easy processing. The application is said to be very efficient in serving the basic purposes and also, the online guide provides better services and usage of application for various users.

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