Have you ever tried converting files from one format to another, and if yes then you might be aware of the difficulties that come in the middle of doing the same. In this article we brought to you something simple and worth utilizing, an application with numerous file formats conversion with more simplicity and ease. The application is more feasible for every one of you guys because it is compatible for almost each windows desktop operating system.


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Wide File Formats Support:

Before saying anything about the interface of the program, it is needed to mention that the program offers backings to a wide variety of formats within the interface. You can not only convert audio or video files from one format to other but likewise you can attempt to change the image format with the same wide variety. This way the application becomes more intuitive from the each user’s opinion. Some of the best and common file conversion seen into actions are  MKV, MOV, MMF, MP3, AVI, 3GP, ICO, TIF, AMR, M4A, MP2, PCX, TGA and others.

Sharp Feature Lineup:

The interface of the format factory is highly appealing and easy to use from every corner of utility. Browsing file for conversion, implementing them into action and getting the output is the easiest task of the program. The functionality tools of the program will be found in a well-arranged within the interface. In any case, the appearance of the program is not fulfilling your desire, you can change the themes and skins of the program in an easy way. To make customization, all you need to do is explore the customization alternatives from the setting menu of the program settings menu and you can make it.

Ripping features:

Other than file conversion done by FormatFactory program, it also enables you to rip DVD and CD discs from its interface. You can record various number of audio, video or image files collection into the program by simply ripping feature of the program. In addition to the ripping functionality of the program, the application also enables you to create ISO files for system’s technical use.


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The program is really fruitful in converting desktop media formats into mobile formats.

Key formats that can be converted by FormatFactory are – MP3, 3GP, MP4, MPG, AVI, FLV, WAV, and many more.

The application is an intuitive user interface, it likewise looks too simple and hence performing actions become simpler. Also, FormatFactory is quick in conversion.

A dynamic ‘Help’ functionality is offered by the program, which is carrying tutorials and screenshots all along to give support in using each single tool of FormatFactory for various new users.


There might be some condition raised when the conversion of file format remains unsuccessful, while it is made successful in the very next attempt. Yet this can be counted in the cons of the program.

You can utilized the program in multiple language support for free, while all of the features of the program are worth using.