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Flashchat for PC – Free Download!

by boris

In the midst of various online chatting applications and social networking sites, Flashchat is basically 64-bit software that has the ability to add a special chat room to any of the websites that has the option to support user integrated feature, multiple skin or PHP. Users can add up their chat room with the websites free or with a fee depending upon the site’s terms.


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Some Specific Features of the Software:

The software Flashchat has the feature by which the user can get fully integrated account while adding a chat room. To get free from the hustle of keeping various passwords of different accounts in your mind, Flashchat is the most ideal and best software where there is no need for a separate login for sites. Flashchat is not only user integrated but also it provides the feature of being fully profile integrated to the chat room. Even the avatars of the users can be transferred from one chat to another or one site to another and hence the software also offers the facility of Avatar integration.

Flashchat software is available with a multiple skin option where there are as many as 16 skins that can be fit and adjusted as per your website. Along with the multiple skin option, Flashchat is also available with sizes and interface languages that can be customized accordingly to adjust with the website. An extra special option provides you the choice of whether you wish your chat room list, chat users names, online users and others to be displayed or invisible. For the paid users, the software offers an added feature of ‘admin panel’, that allows the users to even customize their chat room.

Reasons To Get Flashchat

The most important reason of getting the software Flashchat for your use is that it offers you all the various social connect features such as sharing, linking, chats, following, tweets and others on different social networks from just one platform. Flashchat makes your chat luxurious and comfortable by providing with the same features of private chat, smiles, avatars or many others that you enjoy on your single social network site chat.

Though there are lots to enjoy with the free version of the software but there are many more to explore if you become a paid user of Flashchat. Video conferencing along with free video support, virtual gifts, profits on chatting and many more amazing features are available on the software Flashchat for the paid users.

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Installing Flashchat on PC

If you want to install and use the software Flashchat on your PC, it is now absolutely possible if you have an emulator such as Bluestack available on your system. If not download it from here. Searching with the name of Flashchat from the search tool of Bluestack can take you to the page where you will be provided with the option of installing the software on your device. Click on the install option and Flashchat will directly get installed on your system. Now to open the installed software, open “My Applications” drive of Bluestacks and look for Flashchat.

Once found, hit install to get it on your System!

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