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FACETIME FOR PC – Window7/8/Xp & Mac – Free Download

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What is Facetime App?

FaceTime is an apple product that enables the multiple apple users to talk via video conferencing. This video conferencing app comes preloaded with IPhone 4 and above phones. If you are using any of the apple gadgets like iMac, iPad Macbook Pro and Mac Mini, you can use Facetime free of cost. To make use of this app, all you need is a Wi-Fi data connection and you can enjoy the flawless conversations with your friends and family via video conferencing.


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How to use Facetime on your Computer?

Currently, Facetime is officially available for MAC Computers/laptop and iOS. So, if you use windows operating system, you need to download this file  and start using it on your PC. The procedure to download Facetime on window os is given below.

Is Facetime Free?

Yes, it is free of charge.

Facetime for MAC free

FaceTime video conferencing app for Mac comes free when you buy an of the apple product like Mac Mini, Mac Pro and Mac Air. It allows you to connect with another Mac user and use it for voice calling or conferencing.

Download FaceTime for Mac

In case it does not come preinstalled on your Mac pc then you can visit this link and download it on your Macbook. It will cost you $0.99.

How to download and Install Facetime for windows 7/8 and Xp

FaceTime for Windows is officially not available but few of the websites are claiming that they have built the Facetime for window 7/8 and Xp. You can visit this website which claims that it is possible to install Facetime on your window desktop.

Note – Since it is not official, we recommend it to try with full safety measures like installing antivirus on your computer as it may have damage your pc.

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Reasons why your Facetime is not working

FaceTime is a brilliant app for video calling but many users have faced problem while connecting and activating the Facetime on their pc or IPhone. We have listed some of the common problems that might be creating an issue with FaceTime.

  1. If you are unable to connect FaceTime, Go to Settings then Press General, then Restrictions and make sure you have disabled it.
  2. Some users of Facetime are facing problem in connecting Facetime as it kept saying, “check network connection”.

If you still have any problem Please Visit this thread as it covers almost every single problem.

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