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Eternity Warriors for PC – Free Download!

by boris

Eternity Warriors – a 3D action game brings to you a perfect combination of plot, 3D effects and a thrilling game play. An interesting story of demons dominating a kingdom, and warriors trying to protect the kingdom from the demons is the main plot of the game on which various activities and others movements takes place. Even at times Eternity Warriors can be also taken as a game of fantasy, where the players will come across not only with the struggle of the warriors with the demons with weapons; but also with some of the amazing magic spells that you might have read in fairy tales.


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Knowing The Plot

To start playing the Eternity Warriors, it is important to know the plot of the game as it forms the base for the game play. Northern Udar is a fantasy land that is often attacked by the demons and was rescued a few years back. But now again after almost 20 years the land has been attacked and controlled by the demon powers and this time by a more powerful demon king Kilic. Kilic has destroyed the vibrant land of Northern Udar and has converted it to a land of evil and sufferings.

The Eternity Warriors are handed the responsibility of rescuing the land of Northern Udar from the demonic possession and to protect the elves and the humans of the land.

Let’s Start Playing

The game Eternity Warriors starts with the story telling of the land of Northern Udar and then there are a range of characters from where you have to select one warrior who will fight against the demon king Kilic. These warriors are powerful in various ways such as use of various weapons, skilled in various movements and also are supported with the magical spells.

The weapons such as armors, swords and other items can be selected initially and then can be upgraded as you pass on some higher levels in the game. The magic spells, weapons and other related items will help you to break through various combos of the enemy because the demons will often attack in chains. Also in the multiplayer mode, the players can form a chain against the demonic chain to destroy them and to proceed to the next level.


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The horrifying background of the evil land, bright colorful magic spells, and many other stuff provide an attractive visual that takes you to a dream land. This experience is more elaborated with the effective sounds and graphics of the tinkling swords, running of the boots, hustling of the air and many others.

Play It On Your PC

Experience of the 3D visual and the amazing sound effect of the game Eternity Warriors will be doubled if played on a personal computer. To get this Android game installed on your personal computer, get the emulator Bluestack on your device from here. Now search for the game Eternity Warriors on the search tool of Bluestack and then you can install it directly on your computer.

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