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ESET NOD32 Antivirus – Free Download

by boris

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is an excellent antivirus, anti-malware protection application and also protects from various online threats such as email and internet. The application has capability of protecting the system from numerous viruses, malware and spywares without harming the performance of computer. The application has advanced technology of sense which is utilized to protect the system and it also protects from attacks in proactive manner. The application identifies and disable the viruses, Trojans, spyware, warms, Trojans and rootkits and other online threats. It is very quick and easy antivirus solution which performs tasks without interrupting the running processes within the system. The needs of users can be tailored in effective ways.


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  • Known and unknown viruses can be detected and disabled
  • Malwares and spyware are detected minutely which may get missed by other antivirus applications
  • Runs without disturbing the process of system
  • Quick process with excellent built-in speed
  • Easy to install
  • Consumes minimal resources of system


  • The application provides a secure environment and verifies the windows update in regular basis. The initial scan process saves the information about files to avoid redundant scans which gives even better speed to application.
  • User interface of application is very friendly and it also retains the features of scheduled scans, monitoring in real time, critical information display and other useful features.
  • The application has gone an extra mile with educational courses and programs for safe online and internet practices. The guide is available online for increasing the awareness of users and prevent further issues of data compromises.


The application is not compatible with tablets as it does not support the touch based laptops. The interface of application cannot be used with tablet platforms.


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Bottom Line

The application provides exceptional features and benefits for antivirus application and has great interface, security fixes and updates. The application is very light on system and has strong protection. The application has high usability and performance in context to the processing speed. The education and training of users are also provided for enhancing awareness of online safety. The specialized application also disables infections proactively and covers social media, online security, and application security for protection of system in effective manner.

Publisher’s Description

The application is very efficient in the task of antivirus protection and online security with advanced sense technology. The application also has anti-phishing mode in which the program protects from personal information acquisition and using fake websites. It also protects the system from application and browser exploitations. The scanning of social media information involves the security of user social media accounts and regularly checks for malicious contents within the accounts. The cyber security tips, education courses and training provides safe online usage experience for users and better protection against viruses and malicious programs.

Change Log

The newer application version enhanced better performance while copying and scanning the files for error checks. The program updates are available for network communication purposes and graphic user interface is also redesigned. The important messages are displayed as notifications in the GUI of application.

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