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Drag Race Rush for PC – Download Free!

by boris

Drag Race Rush is a treat for all those game lovers who love to play racing games with a 3D effect. Drag Race Rush takes you to a ride where you can experience almost half of the world in your background along with crossing the challenges that they bring in. With the best visual, sound effects, and various other features, Drag Race Rush is a game that is much above the normal racing games that you might have played till date. Or it will be better to say, to have a start with Drag Race to know the experiences that it has to reveal.


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Choose your vehicle for Drag Race from the list that shows some of the world’s best licensed racing cars and enjoy the race across three eminent continents. Take control of the car along with enjoying the visuals of the background and race against the various other drivers who are in the line. Svetlana, the Russian girl is there to guide you at various places such as when there is a hurdle ahead or when a competitor is about to use some tricks. She will also guide you with some of the tips and tricks from time to time that will help you in defeating the competitor drivers of the line.

The Racing Courts Of The Game

Drag race rush will take you to a ride that will start initially from Asia, will go through Europe and then finally will reach the America. Each destination can be taken as a level that you are crossing because crossing each level successfully you can claim for the title of drag racer and on crossing the continent of America; you get the title of the ultimate drag racer. For claiming the titles, try to be ahead of all the drivers who are there in the line, by getting protected from the tricks they use and also by defeating them by your tricks.

Of course, you will be guided by Svetlana who will guide you with the various tips and tricks that can be used in the race and that will be different from one continent to another. Along with the amazing background beauty that you can enjoy of different continents, you will also experience the stunning visuals of the racing cars such as the dangerous turns or even the sound effects such as the squeaking sounds of the tires on the concrete or the roaring engine sound of the cars.


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Downloading The Game On Your PC:

Download the game of Drag Race Rush on your personal computer to enjoy the game on a bigger screen with great visuals and great sound effects. To do so you need to have an emulator installed on your device like Bluestacks.

Firstly download it from here!

Install the emulator Bluestack on your device and you will be able to download and install Drag Race Rush and many more android games on your Windows PC. The easy method consists of searching the game Drag Race Rush on the Bluestack search tool and then to click on it to install it directly on your PC.

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