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Download WinAmp – Last version for Free

by boris

WinAmp is a multi-media player and supports wide variety of formats. It supports different file formats including MPEG, MOD, MIDI, AAC, M4A, WAV, OGG and Windows media. It also provides options of gapless playback for AAC and MP3, leveling of volume across tracks and replay gain. The WinAmp can also import music from CDs and burn music to CDs. The playback of Windows media video and streaming videos with most of the video formats. It supports various types of streaming video such as XM satellite radio, AOL video, podcasts, RSS media feeds, internet radio and television. It has extended support for portable media players and can utilize media access libraries with the support of internet connections.


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WinAmp has published documentation on the creation of skins to add functionality with scripting. It allows users to publish skins on Winamp.com. It has gained popularity with development of MP3 and increasing number of skins in different generics and categories such as “Ugly”, “Stereo”, and “Anime”. Also, there are online communities of skin designers which have contributed thousands of skins in the market.


The functionality of Winamp can be extended through various plug-ins available on the website of Winamp. Winamp have taken major steps to improve the earlier media players with the encoding support of AAC, burning of CDs, robust file management system. The Winamp also have new interface layout for discovering the media through in-built browser. The artists name in the search bar will get related headlines and websites in the pane. The podcast support, synchronization of devices lets the users tweak the sync list and proper support of excellent Shoutcast of AOL. The Winamp has very appealing different panes for browser, media player, list of artists, album lists for instant search by users.


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There are several features of Winamp player as it has widest support of formats for playing media. The Auto-tag feature allows the users to download metatags from the huge database and Winamp’s music scrobler i.e., Orgler. It also provides linkage to the music database with links to the AOL music.

Change Log

Winamp has launched with recent improved version which have

  • Wireless synchronization of desktop with Winamp
  • Library support of iTunes
  • Enhanced support with Windows 8 version
  • Improved resolution of screen support
  • Improved generator of playlist
  • Improvement in stability and minor bug fixes
  • Support of 16 different languages

Other Platforms

Winamp has launched its newer version for Android, it has feature like streaming and internet radio station over Wi-Fi. It is released as a beta product for Android version 2.0 operations system to connect with the Winamp desktop. It was received with enthusiasm in market. Later, Winamp has also launched a beta release for Mac. The Winamp version of Apple Macintosh platform runs on the Mac OS X 10.6 and above versions. The main focus is on synchronization of Winamp Library with the Android Winamp and iTunes music library. The full features of Winamp library and player has been included and it has paved the way for future.

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