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Download VLC Media Player for Free

by boris

VLC Media player is the most commonly used media player in the field of computer system software. It is flexible, easy, advanced, summarized and always new. It is an open source and made public in the year of 2001. The launcher of VLC media player was a non-profit organization. VLC player has capabilities of playing multi-format media files and this is why it became popular so far. It beats many strong competitors upon playing multi-format media files. Such as Window media player, Quick time, Winnamp, Real Player and so on are its rivalries which might face codec issue while playing strange formats of media files. The latest version of VLC media player by the date April 2015, is VLC Media Player 2.2.1.


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Features of VLC Media Player:

VLC media player program is a popular and robust one. As mentioned above, it is flexible one, which tends to mean that any format your video file is carrying it can be played over VLC media player. Even it can rectify many corrupted or crashed media files and have capability to access them as well. Another interested feature of VLC media player is, it can play video preview which is in the middle of it download completion. Secondly, ease to use which tends to mean that its user interface is magnificent and cozy that is why it is so beautiful in order to use it. Apart, Classical way to play any file into VLC media player is simply click on the file and run through VLC MP and shortcut is even simpler. Just drag your media file and release it into VLC media player’s window.

VLC media player is bluffing you if you find it as easy as you find it seems. Advancement of VLC player can be seen from its devastating tools and organization options. There may have some organizing and customizing tools which you might not have gone through yet in the VLC media player. Such as in the synchronization settings you can find and add special effects such as color overlay, audio spatializer or Atmolite, etc. There are SRT files, which can be embedded into any video externally. On the other hand, VLC media player is summarized and easy. You can find VLC media player now on iOS platform as well.


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For MAC operating system, it works faster. Now you will not be required to change the formats of video file that support your system media player. Just open up any format file on the go! On VLC media player, whether it MAC or PC, play it with ease. It has drop box integration voice over user interface. Apart, you might can face issues associated with uploading pages of subtitles in iOS5. Well, this issue is certain only at some languages including Greek, Cyrillic and the Vietnamese. As far as English or US language is concerned, it is error free.

So all in all, from every angle, VLC media player is the one stop solution for playing any video formats. Only rare people would not have this program installed in their system. VLC media player is fast, easy, error free, compact, and flexible! Download it right away!

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